Information for South Bay: Banded Dotterel Protection

Banded Dotterel and chick

Part of the work that the Banded Dotterel Project is currently involved in is addressing the issue of cats, their wellbeing, and protection, as well as their impact on the wildlife which the Banded Dotterel Project are attempting to measure.   Last year on the beach between South Bay and Pohowera, 82% of nests were predated –almost all by cats, and cats are thought to have been responsible for the deaths of at least 10% of the breeding birds.  

The Banded Dotterel Project will be setting live capture traps intermittently on the South Bay beach in an attempt to reduce the feral cat population, particularly around the Pohowera area.  

Please bear in mind that the wellbeing of domestic and stray cats will be at the forefront of their work.

Because there may also be domestic cats roaming the beach, catching them is also possible.   The traps will be cleared each morning, and cats that are domestic will be released. If there is confusion if a cat is feral or domestic, the cat will be held locally in loving care for around 3 days and an attempt will be made to find an owner using the Facebook Kaikōura Community Notice Board. SPCA in Blenheim has also offered to take cats for rehoming if an owner is not located.

How you can help us?

Rebecca from Vetcare Kaikōura has generously offered micro-chipping of pet cats at $20 per cat.  This will make the process of cat identification and returning your cat much more straight forward. The Banded Dotterel Project also promote the desexing of pet cats, to reduce the number of feral cats.   During the month of August 2020, Vetcare Kaikōura is willing to neuter your cat and insert a microchip at $110 per female cat or $70 per male cat, again at a special price to encourage desexing.

For those of you who would like to reduce your cat’s impact on birds, Kaikōura Vetcare will also be stocking a range of cat aids (collars with multiple bells, cat “scruchies, and reflective collars).  

If you are interested in finding out where your cat goes, there are tracking collars available at no charge.   Rebecca has information and a collar at the clinic.  You can also ring Ailsa on 0274 363636 or Heath on 0221 988280 at for further information.

Our thanks to Kaikōura Vetcare for their great support.

At this point we do not have an SPCA or a formal cat rescue in Kaikōura.   If you have a heart to be involved in cat rescue, please let me know.   Let’s ensure that every cat is a wanted cat and gets to live with all the resources it needs.


29 July 2020