Innovative Waste Update

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What's going on at Innovative Waste (IWK) this year.

IWK now closing on Tuesdays

Since the earthquake, IWK has been dealing with much higher volumes of waste. 2017 was their busiest year ever and things aren’t slowing down.

To help them deal with this extra workload safely IWK will close to the public on Tuesdays, starting from Tuesday 6th February (Waitangi day)

Residential recycling and rubbish services

Some recycling/rubbish services were affected by the earthquake. From the 14th of February, services will be returning to the way things were before the earthquake.  This means IWK services will run as follows: 

Weekly roadside recycling collection is available throughout the District. If the collection day is a public holiday, it will be collected the next working day. 

  • Kaikoura Township and South Bay - Weekly Thursdays
  • Ocean Ridge - Weekly Wednesdays
  • Clarence & Kekerengu - Weekly Wednesday Mornings
  • Oaro/Goose Bay (including all properties south of the closed State Highway area) - Fortnightly on a Wednesday (Note this will be reviewed as the road situation changes.)
  • There are also a number of rural drop off sites - read more about rural recycling

Kekerengu and Clarence

After the earthquake and the closure of SH1, IWK could not continue to manage the recycling/rubbish for Clarence and Kekerengu

Council agreed to pay for a temporary arrangement with Marlborough District Council (MDC) for MDC to provide these services instead. MDC agreed to make their Ward facility available and to look after a residual waste bin and recycling bin in the Clarence township. These bins have been being emptied by MDC on an as needed basis.

Council is now changing back to using IWK to provide rubbish and recycling services for Kekerengu and Clarence, ending the cost to the ratepayer of paying MDC.

On Wednesday 14 February IWK will begin their services and the MDC services will be stopped.

IWK services will include:

  • one recycling station in Kekerengu
  • two recycling stations in Clarence
  • household recycling collection to settlements south of Clarence on SH1.

Toilets, public bins and dumped waste

Council is currently working with IWK to make sure the appropriate contracts, people and communications are in place to allow IWK to look after the Districts public bins, toilets and deal with dumped waste.

This includes:

-        making sure there is a 24/7 contact phone number for the public to report issues with toilets/bins/dumped waste (including human waste)

-        making sure toilets are checked and cleaned as often as is required

-        making sure bins are emptied as often as required

Although both IWK and Council are committed to keeping our District and its facilities clean and tidy, to keep the costs of these services acceptable to the ratepayer, we have to make sensible decisions about how often things are cleaned/checked.   The new agreements will be developed as soon as possible. Once they are in place, Council will provide an update.

Keeping the ‘innovative’ in Innovative Waste

KDC and IWK remain committed to ensuring Kaikoura’s waste is sustainably managed. We know that Earthcheck certification and environmental sustainability are important to the community and know that Kaikouran’s pride themselves on their commitment to recycling.

Because of the impacts of the earthquake on Kaikoura’ s buildings, infrastructure and natural environment, last year was the busiest ever for both IWK’s recycling and 3 waters business. This busy period is expected to continue for at least the next few years.

Currently, Kaikoura ratepayers contribute $150-$200k annually to IWK. Post-earthquake, both value for money for our ratepayers and effective sustainable waste management are more important than ever.

To make sure IWK is operating as effectively and sustainably as possible and to bring new ideas on how we can be innovative, a new interim General Manager, Averill Stevenson, has been appointed for IWK on a short-term contract until March 2018.

Averil will work together with IWK’s new Transitional Board of Directors to review the way IWK is working and offer advice for improving the returning value for money and effectiveness of waste management in the Kaikoura District.  While this is underway, IWK will continue to operate as normal.

If the review indicates changes are needed, the community will have a chance to have their say.

Averill comes to IWK from ECOCentral – an organisation that started as a charitable trust and has a heavy focus on sustainability and recycling- and has many years’ experience in waste management.

How IWK and Kaikoura District Council work together

Council contracts IWK to deliver services including managing the District’s recycling and rubbish, maintaining public toilets and looking after some of our water infrastructure and services. IWK also provides waste management services to other private business.


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