Kaikōura District Council Cyclone Gabrielle Relief Fund

KDC Cyclone Gabrielle Relief Fund

We have all been following the devastation that is unfolding in the North Island and a wave of compassion is flowing out to the affected communities from all across New Zealand. We all want to help, and our community has already made an incredible contribution by organising fundraising initiatives and donations. Teams on the ground are now encouraging everyone who can help to make monetary donations rather than donating food and other goods.


For the communities in the North Island monetary donations are the most useful way to support them as it means organisations can provide what is most needed for each area.


Kaikōura District Council has set up a Cyclone Relief Account to help co-ordinate the fundraising from the Kaikōura District. All funds raised will be donated to the effected regions on behalf of the Kaikōura community.

DONATIONS TO: Kaikōura District Council’s Cyclone Gabrielle Relief Fund can be made to bank account 02-0856-0011698-004