Kaikōura District Water Supply Bylaw 2020

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In 2008 Kaikōura District Council (KDC) introduced its Water Supply Bylaw to provide controls on the use and protection of water supply systems operated by Kaikōura District Council. Without such controls there is potential for adverse effects in respect of public health, nuisance and financial burdens on the community.

The content of this Bylaw has been reviewed, and its content is believed to meet statutory requirements and - with two proposed significant amendments - the likely needs of the community currently and in the future. These two amendments are:           

a)    That additional provisions are incorporated to deter wasteful use of water by customers who are receiving ‘ordinary’ (non-metered) on-demand water supplies from the Kaikoura Urban, Ocean Ridge, Oaro and Peketa schemes.      

In particular use of sprinklers or other fixed garden irrigation systems for more than 2 hours per day or other wasteful use of water will not be permitted on these ‘ordinary’ supplies.  

b)    That building over public water mains is prohibited.

Click here for a more detailed Statement of Proposal, and the proposed Draft Water Supply Bylaw 2020

Submissions in respect of the making of the Water Supply Bylaw 2020 can be made in writing, and should be addressed to: 

The Chief Executive
Kaikoura District Council
PO Box 6

Submissions must be received by Monday 9 November 2020.


05 October 2020