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Kaikōura Water Zone Committee is a group of people in our community that are passionate about water in Kaikōura.

They meet monthly and the next meeting is on Wednesday 7 November from 12.30pm in the Council Chambers. Come along and listen in - the meetings are public! 

The Kaikōura Water Zone is one of the most tectonically active parts of New Zealand and features diverse landscapes, biodiversity and land uses over short distances. It's distinctively rocky coast in close proximity to high mountains gives rise to many short, steep, swift-flowing rivers. The vision for Kaikōura is to ensure its water enhances the abundance and quality of life in the region. 


Latest update - Canterbury Water Management Strategy and Lyell/Waikōau catchment recovery update

October’s meeting was full with lots of updates from the various projects that the WZC are involved in.

CWMS fit for the future project

This project looks to develop goals for 2025 and 2030 for the 10 target areas in the Canterbury Water Management Strategy. Zone Committees play an important role in the delivery of these strategies from both a planning and implementation perspective.

The Zone Committee have been asked to provide feedback on the strategy for our district, by reviewing goals and making sure they are achievable and relevant, and coming up with actions and work programmes that will help achieve the decided goals.

You can see the draft goals for Kaikōura from page 11 of the October agenda.

Lyell/Waikōau Catchment Recovery Actions

The Lyell/Waikōau catchment recovery recommendations were put together by NIWA on behalf of the Kaikōura Plains Recovery Project. NIWA presented the issues found in the July WZC meeting, and then in August they presented the actions that were recommended. The WZC agreed to these actions in principal.

To date, four funding streams have been identified to assist with the implementation of the recommended actions:
• $100,000 On the ground actions (provided by Environment Canterbury in lieu of a deferred sub-regional planning process in Kaikōura)
• $50,000 Immediate Steps
• $60,000 Kaikōura Plains Recovery Project – Ministry of Primary Industries
• $90,000 Wetlands (Environment Canterbury Long Term Plan (Zone Team)
Additional assistance: Fonterra 50 Catchments (details not confirmed).

Discussions with land owners of potential sites to improve water quality in the Lyell/Waikōau have started and are being well received. The projects will be consolidated and more potential sites being identified over the coming months. The amount allocated from funding streams may change over time, as may the potential for projects to be funded by more than one fund.

The Zone Committee travelled to a potential site for some of the catchments recovery actions in the latter part of the meeting. It presented a great opportunity for the committee to visit an already established significant wetland site where plans are being worked through to establish another wetland nearby. 


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04 October 2018