Kaikōura Youth Award Finalists Announced

Awards 30.09.17 1

We are really proud to celebrate these awesome young people who have been selected as finalists in the Kaikōura Youth Awards.

We also want to acknowledge the many other fantastic young people out there with special and inspiring stories who did not make the finalists. We encourage you to keep an eye out for nomination requests for the next Youth Awards! The categories are:

Customer Service Award: Sponsored by Orchestrated Events

This award goes to someone who displays enthusiasm and positivity. They are respectful, motivated, hard working, and make work/volunteering a fun environment

customer service award

Jack Cotter (left): Jack is an enthusiastic staff member and part of a strong student team at Dolphin Encounter with a friendly manner, a guy who goes the extra mile to provide great service.

Stacy Guthrie (middle): Stacey treats customers with care and a great smile, taking time to ask them about their day. She provides a friendly and happy customer experience.

Indya Allen (right): Indya was our most nominated young person, her customer service skills have won over our town! She provides warm engaging and personable service at the Beach House Café. Indya greets repeat customers by name and remembers how they like their coffee, providing a home away from home friendliness.

Diversity AwardSponsored by Te Whare Putea Trust

This award is given to someone who involves themselves in other cultures. The person who receives this award should also be someone that supports and stands up for differences.

diversity award

Fern Booker (left): Fern is a vocal and staunch supporter of equal pay and women’s rights, taking it upon herself to educate her peers on these issues. She believes firmly in everyone having equal rights, regardless of gender, sexual preference, race and works to make sure that equality is inherent in the systems and environments she is part of. 

Dilshan Muthunaidelage (middle): Dilshan is everybody’s mate – kind and helpful to everyone regardless of who they are and where they come from. You never see Dilshan angry or judging people – he has a ready welcome for everyone.

Madi Burnett (right): Madi is a champion of wellbeing at Kaikōura High School and according to her nominations by her students is a role model for inclusiveness and being on everyone's side! Madi, in her first year as a teacher, managed and coordinated the Kaikōura High School Stage Challenge performance. She is a passionate advocate for all youth.

Contribution to Arts Award: Sponsored by Madi Burnett

This award is for someone that embraces and is actively involved in any from of art. This could include; photography, poetry, performing, drama, music, and visual arts.

arts award

Jade Hole (left): Jade’s love of singing and music is well known in Kaikōura, she has performed at the village green, in town and the Music on the Lawn as well as other venues. Jade is committed to the arts, and is involved in performing arts as well as music.

Georgia Cotter (middle): Georgia has a keen interest in photography and is developing some amazing skills in this area. She has always supported the arts through her involvement with stage challenge and school productions – she brings skills in choreography, dancing as well as make up and acting.

Marc Parkinson (right): Marc has a passion for music and as well as playing and singing he builds guitars and ukuleles - he currently has seven instruments in the process of construction! He is actively involved in the community with his music, playing at numerous venues

Well-being Award: Sponsored by Sport Tasman

A young person in Kaikōura who supports their peers and is always looking out for the well-being of others.

wellbeing award

Jack Cotter: Jack was an inspiration to his peers after the November earthquake, supporting people to get things done, helping people and making sure everyone was ok. He is a caring and considerate young man who keeps checking in with people to see how they are going and is there for them.

James Burnett: James has an incredible and huge passion for people – he is a connector, always up for a yarn, and always asking, and really wanting to know, how you are. He has recently been supporting the New Life Youth Group and his nominators wanted his efforts to make the world a better place to be in to be acknowledged.

Haylee Te Huia-Claxton: Haylee is an extremely positive and kind-hearted person. She is always concerned about the people around her and whether they are ok. She supports and encourages people and always puts her hand up and volunteers to help where-ever she can. She does all this with a smile on her face, and a fun can-do attitude.

Leadership Award: Sponsored by NCTIR

This award is for a person that is able to show leadership and/or has lead an event.

leadership award

Alex Callow Powell and Tira Wahine Hawke: Alex and Tira were jointly nominated for the Leadership role in recognition that they have successfully maintained and developed the skills and knowledge needed in fulfilling their roles as male and female Cultural Leaders. People from all walks of life are drawn to Alex, he has an ability to encourage harmony. Tira is an individual who speaks her own mind – she keeps others honest and stands in her own values. Their role within the Cultural Leadership Whānau has shown their commitment to the kaupapa of uplifting the Māoritanga of Kaikōura High School, community, whānau, iwi and hapū. Both Alex and Tira have role modelled and led students in all cultural aspects of Kaikōura High School and have been part of the manaaki at Takahanga and Mangamaunu Marae. Through the Project Te Kakano o Maiatanga, Alex and Tira have participated and helped to lead performances at the Matariki Cultural festivals and Te Taiopenga in Blenheim.

Matt Getz: Matt is a strong supportive leader who has been deputy head boy at Kaikōura High School for two years. He has also led basketball and rugby teams. Matt has been on the student council for several year as and a prefect/peer for two years.

Volunteering Award (School student): Sponsored by Encounter Kaikōura

For people that help out within our community and have made positive differences without expecting anything in return. 

volunteering youth

Callum Lean: After the November Earthquake, Callum volunteered to help out at the front office of the Civil Defence Headquarters. Many of the people he dealt with were traumatised, worried and very anxious yet Callum managed to keep smiling and keep being a positive influence. He showed compassion and an ability to communicate with a vast range and diversity of people. The over 50 hours of time he put into this made a big difference.

Holly Horsfall: Holly, along with youth council member Orion Kahu, worked above and beyond the call of duty volunteering to raise money this year for stage challenge. All in all Holly spent over 50 hours helping to organise and run a bake sale and raffle which raised over $500. Without the efforts of Holly and Orion, the Kaikōura High School stage challenge trip would not have gone ahead.

Fern Booker: Fern volunteers her time in many different ways. She has recently taken a leadership role in the youth science project, taking time to meet with coordinators and a leadership role in encouraging youth to come along and join in. Fern fundraises for Seaward Lions, the Breast Cancer Foundation and volunteers with meals on wheels.

Volunteering Award (older youth): Sponsored by Cheapskates

For people that help out within our community and have made positive differences without expecting anything in return. 

volunteering older

Shannon Brown: Shannon is a dedicated young mum who still spares time for volunteering in her community, showing great strength and care to others. After the earthquake she took time to speak to other mums about her experience and what she learned in the hope she would help others to be
prepared. She gives her time freely and has volunteered with the R u OK team at the Council and helped to run a mothers group.

Eilish Smith: Eilish is a volunteer leader for Kaikōura Guide Club. She has held this position for the last 7 years. Eilish has a natural, fun way of working with the girls to help  them grow their potential. She makes a significant time commitment, meeting 40 weeks of the year and contributing many hours planning, in weekend activities and camps as well as taking part in training
and mentoring.

Indya Allen: Indya received many nominations for her willingness and efforts in volunteering. This young woman is incredibly well thought of in this community and the effort and time she has put into volunteering with emergency services has been noticed and appreciated by many.

Positivity Award: Sponsored by

This award goes to someone who is always trying to make people feel better and is always happy to put in the work.

positivity award

Paucha Morgan: Paucha is a bubbly, caring and involved individual. She has been running a programme after school on Wednesdays along with Georgia Laugesen, to provide a place for youth to drop in. Paucha brings a great sense of fun and enthusiasm to her work with youth and has shown considerable commitment.

Mac Eagle: Mac is always smiling and a positive member of the community. He was really encouraging at CACTUS early in the morning, helping people push past the pain and keep going.

Ripeka Manawatu: Ripeka has an amazing attitude, showing commitment and positivity in all things. She has a lovely nature and is a very willing learner and keen to develop her skills. She has recently been involved in the Kaikōura Boxing Club fitness afternoons and has been committed and her skill level and fitness has put her in a position where she could achieve highly in this sport.

Environment Award: Sponsored by ECan

This award is for someone that cares for the environment and/or is doing their best to try fix things. the person who gets this award is out there helping with what ever they can.

environment award

Claudia Ogden (left): Claudia is a passionate animal lover and it is from this aspect that she is an environmentalist. Claudia is a vegan and careful to have a low impact footstep on the earth. She encourages her peers to be mindful of their plastic usage and effect on the planet.

Tanesha Simeon (middle): Tanesha is an avid environmentalist, and hopes to work in this area after she leaves school. Tanesha has volunteered with the Department of Conservation, looking after the seal pups. She is very aware of plastic usage and is working to decrease her impact on the environment by lowering her use of plastic.

Billy Bartrum (right): Billy is interested in environmental science, and spends time in the outdoors.. He recently attended and spoke at the National Marine Science
Conference in Christchurch and is a leader in a project designed to encourage Kaikōura and Hurunui youth to connect with the scientists and research happening in the post-earthquake Marine environment in Kaikōura.

Adult Support Award: Sponsored by Proctor Olives

This is an Adult who supports and encourages youth to be the best version of themselves. (Sarah Beardmore and John Tait are not eligible for this award as they are part of the judging panel.)

adult award

Marlene Ingram: Marlene has been a staunch supporter of children and youth in Kaikōura for many years. She is well known through her work as a Primary School Teacher, having taught several generations in our community. Marlene has been a Learn to Swim Coach forever and continues to support our tamariki through PTA work with Kaikōura Primary School and volunteer reading within schools. She is a real local treasure.

Eva Seres: Eva has been part of the coaching team of the High School B Netball team for the past 3 seasons. Despite being a busy mother of young
children and running her own business, she constantly goes above and beyond what is normally expected of a coach, devoting several hours a week
to the task and spending time one on one with girls who need extra skills or

Shelley Fissenden: Shelley is the name that pops to mind when you talk about Kaikōura Netball. Shelley has been an integral part of funding and building the pavilion building, flood lights, astroturf. She has played, umpired, coached and held the President role. Now the Coaching Co-ordinator, she
arranges peers, coaches and top players from around NZ to come and support our players. Shelley knows all the girls and is there every weekend.

Megan Fissenden: Megan is employed as the Public Health Nurse for Kaikōura. She goes well beyond her paid work in caring for the youth of our community. Megan constantly thinks of better ways to help our young people achieve a happier, safer and healthier future. During the aftermath
of the earthquake she worked tirelessly to help all children and youth, and gave many more hours than scheduled.