Library offers REmobile recycling.

Box + poster image
Donate an old mobile phone – such a simple act that can help so much. Thanks to the support of Businesses, organisations and many thousands of individuals all over NZ, to date the Mobile Phone Recycling Scheme has raised over $3 million for NZ charities. 

The Kaikōura District Library have envelopes and a collection box where you can donate your old unwanted phones.
Does it matter what condition the phone is in?
No it does not, they are happy to receive any mobile phone regardless of age or condition.
How much do you get for the phones donated to this appeal?
There are many determining factors such as the make, model, age, condition and the market forces at the time, but to date we have donated over $3 million to NZ charities from the sale of used mobile phones.
REmobile is the only Ministry of Environment accredited mobile phone recycling programme in the country. It is also the first e-waste product stewardship scheme in New Zealand.
Now anyone who wants to recycle their phone knows they are using an approved scheme.
09 June 2020