Lyell Creek update

Lyell creek

We are working with property owners along Lyell Creek to understand the land damage caused by the earthquake and what this means for properties.

Part of this work is setting up one-on-one meetings with around 50 property owners along the creek to talk through the situation and understand more about their plans.

Chief Executive Angela Oosthuizen says Council staff have been working closely with the Crown, Environment Canterbury, EQC and other agencies to understand the land damage and how it may affect properties and infrastructure in the long-term.

“It’s important that we involve property owners in our discussions so we understand what the community thinks about the situation and their wishes for the future.

“No decisions have been made about what, if anything, needs to be done to address the most significant areas of land damage along Lyell Creek. We need to hear first from property owners before we consider the various options,” she says.

Early geotechnical investigations indicate some significant land damage near the creek, such as bank collapse, lateral spread and land stretching on properties along the creek’s edge. It’s not likely that it will be cost-effective to repair buildings on properties affected by the most significant damage. The Council will work through what happens next with these property owners.

Properties with less damage will be able to push ahead with earthquake repairs. Additional building consent requirements may be necessary for rebuilds or future structural work on these properties.

“The nature of the land damage means the situation will vary from property to property so we’re talking through the specifics with property owners.”

Lyell Creek is one of a number of areas across the district affected by natural hazards as a result of the earthquake. The Council is working through investigations in all of these areas and will be talking in more detail to other property owners soon.

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