Making of Kaikōura District Council Drainage Bylaw 2020

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Kaikōura District Council (KDC) introduced its Waste Water Drainage Bylaw 1999 to provide controls on discharge of waste to drainage systems operated by Kaikōura District Council, and the form and protection of those systems. Without such controls operation of wastewater drains can result in adverse effects in respect of public health, environmental impact, financial burdens to the community and nuisance.

The content of this Bylaw has been reviewed, and its content is believed to meet statutory requirements and - with two proposed significant amendments - the likely needs of the community currently and into the future. These two amendments are:            

a)   That additional provisions to control discharges to the public storm water system are included;and;

b)   That existing controls over interference with public trunk sewers and rising mains (including construction of buildings above them) are extended to also cover other public sewers and storm water drains.

The 1999 Bylaw was largely focused on wastewater issues, whilst the proposed new bylaw is intended to have broader effect, including storm water drains.
For this reason it is proposed that a new more appropriately titled Bylaw – the ‘KDC Drainage Bylaw 2020’ – is made that has the similar functional content to that of the 1999 Bylaw, other than the amendments above.

A more detailed Statement of Proposal, a copy of the proposed new Bylaw and associated information are available from Council on request or click here to download a PDF version.
Submissions in respect of the making of the KDC Drainage Bylaw 2020 can be made in writing, and should be addressed to:

The Chief Executive
Kaikōura District Council
PO Box 6

Submissions must be received by Monday 5 October 2020.