Maori Ward: Postal Poll


A postal poll to decide on the proposal to establish a Māori Electorate Ward for Kaikoura District Council will be held in May.

The voting period for this poll will be from Friday 27 April to Saturday 19 May 2018. Any changes to the electoral role in preparation for the vote must be complete by 23 March. 

On Saturday 19 May 2018, a poll will be held by postal vote over the whole of Kaikoura District using the first past the post electoral system. The poll result will be binding on the Kaikoura District Council.

If the proposal is supported one representative of the Council will be elected from those electors on the Māori electoral roll residing within the Kaikoura District Council area or registered as a ratepayer elector. In Kaikoura’s case, establishing a Maori ward would guarantee 1 Maori Council seat out of 8.

To get more information on the poll, ring the election helpline on 0508 666 104. 

Checking your enrollment details: 

A Preliminary Electoral Roll can be inspected at the following locations during normal office hours from Friday 23 February 2018 to Friday
23 March 2018: 

  • Kaikoura District Council office, Level 2, 96 West End, Kaikoura
  • Kaikoura District Library, Level 1, 96 West End, Kaikoura

Electors may enrol or amend their enrolment details on the residential electoral roll by:

  • Completing an enrolment form available at Post Shops
  • Calling 0800 ENROL NOW (0800 36 76 56)
  • Visiting the Elections website

Updates close at 5pm on Friday 23 March 2018. 


Background and Useful links:

Maori wards are a way of ensuring Maori views and voices are heard at Council. 

In November 2017 Kaikoura District Council voted unanimously to create a Maori ward, a decision supported by our local runanga. 

In February a petition with 148 valid signatures opposing the Council decision was received. Under NZ law a public poll on the issue is now required.