Mayors Taskforce for Jobs

WEB Kyle Simpson presented tools from the Mayor to support his building apprenticeship

Whether you’re an employer or seeking employment, register for the programme by visiting Sean Madden at  Te Hā o Mātauranga - Learning in Kaikōura. Sean is the Employment Coordinator and will assess all registrations, and connect employers with those seeking employment, or identify training needs and requirements for available roles. Once a successful connection has been made he will then schedule regular check-ins with both the employer and employee, offering support where needed.

What does our Mayor say?

"MTFJ registrations have reached 190 people in the 7 months we’ve been running. It is hugely satisfying to know that we have assisted 50people into work so far! We have had no trouble engaging with people seeking employment or training opportunities, but we do need many more businesses and organisations to register as potential employers."

"Even if there are no roles available immediately, I encourage businesses to get in touch, find out about the benefits and register in case opportunities arise in the future. While some businesses are continuing to face tough times, gaining financial support that is available through the scheme, could be really helpful and worth the enquiry. It is a win/win opportunity."

How do you register? Contact Sean Madden by phone 027 372 2248 or email

Click here for more information on the MTFJ in Kaikōura

Image - Kyle Simpson receives tools from the MTFJ to support his building apprenticeship

28 April 2021