Is your dog microchipped? 
All dogs registered in New Zealand for the first time after July 2006, except working farm dogs, need to be microchipped in accordance with the Dog Control (Microchip Transponder) Regulations 2005. Microchipping is an important part of responsible dog ownership and can help us reunite you with your dog if: 

  • your dog has been picked up wandering,
  • your dog had been stolen and located. 


What is a microchip and how do I get my dog microchipped?


A microchip is a permanent method of electronic identification and lasts the lifetime of your dog. Each microchip has a unique identifier number that can be listed on Council registration records, the National Dog Database and the Companion Animal Register. The microchip is small and the process of “microchipping” your dog is a quick and easy procedure that your vet can perform.


Now is the time to makes sure your dog is microchipped because from the 1st August a fine of $300 will be issued for any non-microchipped dog/s that are picked up by Animal Control. 


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 09 June 2020