Natural Hazards Survey

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This easy 5 minute online survey gives you the chance to tell us how you think natural hazards should be managed within the Kaikōura District. 


Why are we doing this survey?

Our District Plan is undergoing a 'rolling review'. This means rather than reviewing the whole plan at the same time we will review some parts now and other parts later, checking that it's up to date, fit for purpose, and reflects the communities views. 

As a result of the 2016 earthquakes the natural hazards section of the District Plan will be reviewed first.   

Natural Hazard planning is undertaken by Councils to help protect people, property and infrastructure from a wide range of natural hazards (e.g. flooding, landslides) as well as building stronger more resilient communities. The Natural Hazards section of a District Plan identifies where it is appropriate for development to occur and what we should consider when developing near natural hazards.