NCTIR SH1 Resilience Consents Lodged

nctir consent

The last 10 resource consent applications for essential repairs and improvements on State Highway 1 and the Main North Line near Kaikōura have been lodged.

The consents, which address safety, resilience and community access issues, were lodged by New Zealand Transport Agency and KiwiRail Holdings Ltd. and cover changes to the existing consent footprint at three sites along the coastal route: Mangamaunu, Half Moon Bay and Okiwi Bay South. 

  • Halfmoon Bay – an amendment to enhance the safety of the transport corridor and address the resilience of the transport corridor by increasing the distance from the existing slopes.  Halfmoon Bay has been significantly impacted by recent storm events.
  • Okiwi Bay South – an amendment to address an “out of context” curve, thereby enhancing the safety of the road corridor at this location.
  • Mangamaunu – an amendment to enable greater room alongside the road and rail corridor to provide amenity and safety improvements, and enhance access and safety to the surf break.


All 10 consents will be assessed by Kaikōura District Council and Environment Canterbury using the Hurunui/Kaikōura Earthquakes Recovery (Coastal Route and Other Matters) Order 2016. This special legislation modifies the normal process in the Resource Management Act 1991, speeding up vital works. 

Under the OIC, applications must be granted as a controlled activity, need only contain broad details and desktop assessments, and cannot be publicly notified or given limited notification. 

This means that Council must grant the consent but may impose conditions related to the management of the effects of the restoration work on:


  • areas of significant indigenous vegetation and significant habitats of indigenous fauna:
  • fresh water quality:
  • heritage, cultural, and archaeological values:
  • landscape, natural character, and visual amenity:
  • coastal processes:
  • coastal water quality:
  • marine mammals and seabirds:
  • the management of construction work, stormwater, marine biosecurity, hazardous substances, spills, artificial lighting, dust, noise, and vibration.


Certain affected parties had been invited to provide written a comment to Environment Canterbury or Kaikōura District Council by 5pm, March 24, 2018.

Read more about the consents here