New LED lights soon to be installed

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Over the next few months Council will begin embarking on a staged replacement of the streetlight network within the Kaikoura district. Staff from MainPower will begin to fit new LED lights onto existing poles around Kaikoura township. This will result in approximately 415 lights being replaced.

This streetlight conversion replaces the existing High Pressure Sodium and Mercury Vapour lights with new LED luminaires, a mixture of 2200k CCT and 3000k CCT lighting modules.  As part of the upgrade, a Central Management System (CMS) will also be installed, enabling the lights to be remotely dimmed, both individually and in groups. This ensures that the lighting levels are bright enough to be compliant from a vehicle and pedestrian safety perspective, but not too bright as to cause light pollution to residents’ properties.
This upgrade has been made possible due to an 85% subsidy from Waka Kotahi (NZTA) for the supply and installation costs. Due to lower operating wattages the on-going costs for powering these lights and therefore electricity costs will also be reduced substantially, to the benefit of the ratepayer.
Please note that initially the new streetlights will be very bright. This is because the CMS needs to be commissioned with all the lights at 100% intensity. Once the CMS is commissioned at the end of June, the dimming profiles will be tuned to ensure the balance between safety and light pollution is achieved. Council apologises for any interim inconvenience and thanks residents for their patience in advance.


1 April 2021