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Welcome to the Kaikoura District Council Newsletter

FRAMING YOUR FUTUREMeeting for newsletter

Kaikoura District residents were encouraged to submit their suggestions and ideas to influence the town’s recovery plan before Monday 16 January 2017.

The feedback has come back and been collated. A workshop was held and the feedback prioritised and grouped. This is currently being compiled into a document called “Framing the Future” which will be used to inform the Annual and Long Term Plan. A meeting will be held with residents to provide them with feedback of the results and analysis

Since the November 14 earthquake an assembled team has been working on four streams of recovery: Social, Natural, Rural and Economic

The recovery plan will unite these four streams and create a framework to shape Kaikoura’s growth over the next 10 – 15 years.


Over the next few weeks the water pipe down Mt Fyffe will be undergrounded.

When this occurs there will be some disruption to residents. Residents should try not to use Mt Fyffe Road due to the work being carried out and detours will be put in place.

Boil water notices remain in place for all other water schemes except Kaikoura Urban and Kincaid.


All properties are now connected however the laterals to your dwelling in areas of significant damage need to be inspected before you use the sewerage.

Testing of Lyell Creek and beaches is being carried out with the beaches appearing to be safe for swimming.

Ultrafast broadband ducting will be put in the ground when there is an opportunity to do so when other underground work is taking place.


Meetings have been held with landowners south of town in Oaro, Peketa, Goose Bay and public meetings have been scheduled for March for other areas. Ongoing dam monitoring is occurring for Goose Bay and Hapuku.

Monitoring systems are in place to warn residents of dam failures. This remains a risk with serious impacts and consequences.

KAIKOURA HARBOURHarbour Newsletter

Reinstatement of Kaikoura Harbour is crucial to restoring the economic prosperity of the town’s tourism and fishing industries. Government has committed $5m to the restoration of the harbour facilities.

More than 10,000 cubic metres of material has now been dredged from the main marina channel. This is being used to construct a cofferdam across the marina basin: a watertight enclosure pumped dry area that will enable construction work to get underway to deepen the marina basin below the waterline within the harbour.

NCTIR are investigating barge options to excavate the outer channel of the harbour 200m beyond the harbour wall. This area is too deep to excavate from the land.


Temporary Accommodation

We are very concerned about making sure that those in need of accommodation are registering with MBIE for support. Please register if you are in need.


Earthquake Support Subsidy

The government has announced an extensions to the earthquake support subsidy. The extension will be until 30 April, but will be tiered in two stages. For the first four weeks, businesses will receive $375 per week for each full time employee and $225 for each part time employee. For the second four weeks that will move to $250 and $150 respectively.

To reapply, go to  or call 0800 778 008

Business Recovery Trust

Cabinet has approved a new one-million dollar business grant programme for Kaikōura, Hurunui and Marlborough. A Business Recovery Trust will be set up by the Kaikōura District Council and the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment to administer the fund and ensure the businesses that need support, receive it.

Further details will be provided regarding the grants process over the coming weeks. We are working very closely with Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce and Canterbury Development Corporation with getting the Trust and supporting processes set up to manage the grant process. Please note that this will be administered by the Trust and not Work and Income who are managing the subsidy.

Tourism Promotion Funding

The government also announced $870,000 for tourism funding for Kaikoura. An $870,000 support package will promote tourism in Kaikoura and other upper South Island districts impacted by last November’s earthquakes.

Funding of $650,000 will go to Kaikoura to enable a strong and early marketing push for the 2017/18 peak season. It will also support work to attract more domestic visitors now, with the majority of the region’s tourism, retail and hospitality establishments open for business.


While the weather has been favourable to our Rural Community and good progress is being made on land and infrastructure repairs there is still a lot of work to be done in the rural areas with winter coming and our rivers containing more material than is desired. The State Highway north is a major concern to the northern area of our district. Freighting stock to the Canterbury district is becoming very costly going the long way around.


NCTIR continues to make good progress on many fronts to the north, with more machinery and crews moving on-site from next week to begin building access tracks and removing slips.

This week their crews installed rockfall safety bunds at some of the sites. These bunds help protect their construction crews from falling rocks.

Four minor slips near Irongate have been cleared this week.

More heavy machinery – excavators and bulldozers - will move on-site towards the end of next week to begin building the access track around Sites 3, 4 and 5 at Half Moon Bay to provide access to Ohau Point (Site 6).

Helicopter sluicing and rock removal has continued at Sites 3, 4, 5 and 6 and to the south of Site 7, where crews continue scaling work, making it stable for remote controlled excavators to make their way through to Ohau Point.

These slips remain highly unstable and hazardous, with large rocks and other loose material frequently falling. At Okiwi Bay (Site 8), a bulldozer is about is begin building an access track to the top of the slip to begin its removal. Removal of Site 9 at Waipapa Bay also begins next week.

State Highway 1 South

State Highway 1 south of Kaikoura remains fragile. The highway is subject to on-going closures because of weather and road repair work. Travel on the route continues to be restricted to daylight hours – 6am to 8pm.

Inland Road

Work on the Inland Road continues to ensure the road will be in the best possible condition before the start of winter. The nature of the road makes it susceptible to closures during heavy rain and weather events. During the next few months, our crews are completing road repairs along the entire route and removing of rock fall hazards.

Clarence Valley Road

The road on the south bank is being upgraded to make it more user friendly. It will be some time before a decision can be made on bridge replacement.


Now that we have received the money to repay the hospital loan Council has approved the remission of this rate. This means that your next rate instalment will show a remission of $88.14. If you have more than one hospital charge on your rates because you have more than one property or part of your property is separately used each hospital charge will be remitted.