NZDF soldiers return to Kaikōura

Exercise katipo2

Exercise Katipo brings NZDF troops to town in October

Around 120 soldiers are coming back to town for a joint Exercise between October 20 and November 5.

During this time about 100 soldiers will occupy the town and conduct patrols along the streets. The soldiers will be armed and may occupy some key points nearby or set up checkpoints. A small group of “bad guys” will be sneaking about.

If you would like to play a role NZDF are looking for people to add to the realism by playing ordinary citizens of Becara. You are welcome to talk to the soldiers – don’t be shy 

 A variety of international aircraft will be conducting flying in the area. A fleet of international vessels may operate off the coast during this period. They will likely conduct helicopter and amphibious operations.

The force will exercise the delivery of humanitarian aid and may complete some local projects or visit schools.

Some small-scale fighting may occur in the areas south of Kaikōura - but only in pre-determined areas - and only under the supervision of exercise control staff. This may involve blank firing and explosions.