Outside In, Geoff Noble - Art Exhibition at The Mayfair

Geoff Noble Exhibition

The Mayfair - Te Whare Toi ō Kaikōura is a brand-new award-winning architect designed Arts & Culture Centre that opened its doors in November 2020 and is launching its visiting artists programme with an impressive exhibition Outside In by Nelson based artist Geoff Noble, opening to the public on 1st October to 30th October 2021.

Geoff has strong connections with the Kaikōura Coast and his affinity with the region is channelled into a skilfully produced exhibition,  mingling stylized realist images with traditional landscapes to capture his observations of the area. The essence is conveyed in bold, colourful paintings that indulge the eyes, wow the mind, and stir a feeling of nostalgia for all those who share an affinity with the region.

The purpose of this body of works is to bring the ‘outside in’, to highlight  the environment that Geoff is so fond of by adding windows of many colours for the viewer to sense and savour the many moods that the Kaikoura  Coast displays from dawn to dusk.  This body of paintings are a progression from Geoff's last solo exhibition Synthesis, maintaining the atmospheric environments, yet moving further from figurative to natural land and seascapes.

You will feel the impact of the larger, striking paintings immediately, such as Out of the Blue with its sublime aqua barrel and lush green of the land. In Weightless, Arctic terns dance in the ocean air, followed by detailed smaller works that equally cascade Geoff's passion for the ocean and its surroundings on to the board.

Paintings like Freight Trains touch on the beauty of the area while introducing the base colour palette to the viewer. By the time you get to the Mount Fyffe painting Dawn Chorus, the palette has expanded and surprised you yet again, then flowing as you walk through the show to discover more involved and complex representations.

Tahi, a rendering of the two bridges at Iron Gate punches through the division of colour and mixes traditional hand painting with airbrush application, allowing the artist to highlight the visual content in textures.

With a love for colour and process Geoff starts with a hint of the conservative, then pulls apart the realist tendencies and delves into a more involved pallet and application, breaking the traditional mould while maintaining a clear narrative in the compositions.

Geoff Noble works from his Studio in Tahunanui, Nelson, and has been travelling to the Kaikoura region for the past 20 years, having a close family  connection there.  With over 25 years of solid studio practice refining his process in Art, he also enjoys surfing, which in itself explains his very close connection to his theme and which locals will especially appreciate as they see their gems rendered by hand into works of art.

This is a wonderful opportunity to see a vibrant and striking body of new works, especially curated by Geoff Noble for exhibit at ‘The Mayfair - Te Whare Toi ō Kaikōura’. 

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For more details on The Mayfair’s programme check out Facebook @MayfairKaikoura, www.themayfair.org.nz
For more information about the Exhibition go to Facebook @geoffnobleartist, www.geoffnoble.co.nz, instagram@tahunastudios