Pedestrian and Traffic Access into West End from State Highway 1

Pedestrians Give Way3

The recent NZTA road works are in response to community requests to improve vehicular traffic movements from West End onto State Highway 1 (SH1) and increase the safety for pedestrians crossing near the intersection of SH1 and on SH1. The works are being managed by Council but funded through NZTA.


This is not a pedestrian crossing but a raised platform which acts as a traffic calming device. The platform can be used as a point for our more vulnerable residents to cross without a high step off the kerb. Pedestrians still need to give way to traffic.

The speed as soon as you turn off SH1 is 30km. There are approx. four car lengths between the turn off from SH1 and the West End pedestrian crossing point.

The options for the location of the raised platform were all considered, the current location was chosen for the best placement to address speed and safety improvements for pedestrian road crossing.

The lanes for turning traffic are in response to community complaints about traffic congestion turning into SH1. The new layout has two lanes out from West End and one lane in from SH1. This will allow left turning traffic access to SH1 without having to wait for the vehicles turning right.

Four car parks have been removed however an extra two car parks have been installed on businesses side of West End.

The raised platform and changed lane layout are two aspects of the overall NZTA project to improve town access. Other improvements are listed below and completion on these improvements is targeted for early in the New Year.

Discussion with the businesses along this section of West End and at the other raised platform locations was completed for these improvements prior to approval by NZTA and Kaikōura District Council.


This crossing point will have some minor improvements to width and access. This location gives pedestrians the maximum sight distance for approaching vehicles on SH 1. 


There will be a pedestrian crossing point north of the Lyell Creek bridge on SH1. This will remove the high kerb and provide a reduced width of live lane to cross making it an easier crossing for our less mobile pedestrians. The crossing point is located to provide the best visibility for approaching vehicles on SH1.


A pedestrian crossing point across SH1 at this location will remove the high kerb and reduce the width of live lane to cross while accessing Churchhill Park and the new footpath along the east side of Churchill Street.


A digital sign will be installed on the northern approach to Kaikōura under the railway overbridge, this is to reduce speed past the Ludstone Road crossing and the West End intersection with SH1. The signs will show the vehicles speed and flash SLOW DOWN until the correct speed is attained.

Signage directing foot traffic into the town centre will also be installed at crossing points.


14 December 2020