Proposed Management Changes – Fernleigh Rural Water Scheme

Boil Water

The Fernleigh Water Supply Scheme (‘the Scheme’) has operated since 1984 supplying water to approximately 60 rural properties. Whilst the assets of the Scheme are recorded as being owned by Kaikoura District Council (KDC) the Council has had little involvement in its operation, with oversight being conducted by customers of the scheme, acting as a Committee.

The Fernleigh Scheme Committee has however recently requested that KDC takes over the responsibilities that it has previously assumed. This request was based on a recognition of changes to regulations regarding water supply which make the style of customer driven management that has occurred in the past less appropriate today.

Council is in general agreement with this view, and it is proposed that as from 1 July 2021 KDC will directly manage the Scheme, employing an appropriately qualified specialist contractor to conduct operation and maintenance activities and will utilise Council’s powers to recover the cost of these services and associated overheads from Scheme customers.

The combined effects of a need to upgrade water treatment to meet current drinking water standards and associated greater management and overhead costs are expected to result in significant increases of charges to those customers, potentially in the order of 20%. Such increases are however considered to be an inevitable consequence of the higher standards of drinking water quality that are now required by law.

A more detailed Statement of Proposal is available here

Submissions in respect of this proposal can be made in writing, and should be addressed to:

The Chief Executive
Kaikoura District Council
PO Box 6

Submissions must be received by Wednesday 14 April 2021.

Submitters may if they wish to speak in support of their submission. Please indicate in your submission if you wish to do so.