New Trade Waste Bylaw Approved 2022

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In June Kaikōura District Council proposed the adoption of a new bylaw to place controls on discharge of waste from trade properties (other than waste similar to domestic sewage) to the community wastewater system.  Submissions for the new bylaw closed on 4 July. The new bylaw was approved at the Council meeting on 27 July 2022.

The bylaw will control what can be discharged and will impose charges for discharges that are very large in volume and/or have a composition that could adversely affect the operation of the community wastewater reticulation and treatment systems.

All premises discharging trade waste which can have a potentially harmful effect on these systems will be required to hold trade waste consents that authorise these discharges and place responsibility on consent holders to have and maintain measures that limit these adverse effects.

The provisions of the new bylaw will come into effect in two stages.  All provisions other than those specifically relating to the holding of Trade Waste Consents coming into effect on 8 August 2022, and the remaining provisions coming into effect on 1 July 2023.

More information on the new Trade Waste Bylaw is available in the Council Meeting Agenda 27 July 2022. (see page 31)