Rebuild Update

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Around this time last year the Rebuild Team was reporting on the commencement of physical works for some of our key projects. Over the last few months we have completed these projects - the Lyell Creek new pressure sewer main, the Wastewater treatment plant, structural repair to fourteen bridges and replacement of six bridges district wide. Work is getting done in Kaikōura and the end of the horizontal infrastructure rebuild is in sight! This has been a great achievement and marks a tapering of KDC infrastructure rebuild works throughout the district.

There is still work to be done however and physical work to replace and repair damaged pipework is now well underway with works carried out in South Bay and currently on the peninsula, and will continue across the district until October. Tender applications for the refurbishment of the Lyell Creek Pump Station close on 31 July and it is intended a contract will be awarded by the end of August. Believed to be built in the 1950s, the pump station survived the quake very well but is overdue a makeover. The added benefit of revamping this asset is that it will become less of an eyesore, allowing everyone to see more clearly the beautiful reserve behind it.

Should you have any queries regarding these works, please feel free to contact the Rebuild Team on 03 319 5026, or


29 July 2020