Rebuild Update


What’s happening when?


The table below shows the current plans for some of our key infrastructure projects. If you’ve been wondering when the rebuild work will start, take a look. (You can also download the table here.)

Bridge replacement locations include: Gillings lane, Scotts Road, Mout Fyffe Road, Hawthorne Road, Rorrisons Road

Bridge repairs (medium) locations include: Schoolhouse Road, Old Beach Road, two in the Kekerengu/Clarence area

Bridge repairs (minor) locations include:  two on Kēkerengū Valley Road, Postmans Road, two on Wiffens Road, Bay Paddock Road, two on Old Beach Road, Kēkerengū Road, Mill Road, two on Schoolhouse Road, two in West End,  Mount Fyffe Road. 




KR programmeRoads

Our road contractors have mapped all the road works left to do across the district. The map to the right shows work still to do by category. Note: the green ‘NCTIR works’ means work on roads that are being used by the NCTIR teams to move building materials etc. Over the next few weeks we’ll work out which bits of work will get done when and post an update on our website and Facebook.

Remember, if you’ve got questions, feedback or comments about the rebuild you can check out the website or email us at


Mt Fyffe Road

Around 3km of Mt Fyffe Rd is currently gravel (from Ludstone to Mackles bore). This includes an approximately 800 metres section where the sewer main needs to be replaced (between Hawthorn Rd intersection and Totara Lane). In addition, Mount Fyffe Road between Postmans Road and Topline Road was gravel before the earthquake and remains gravel. Since the earthquake there has been significant increases to the traffic on this part of the road. With summer weather, this area is now very dusty. 

From December 6th the road will be watered twice a day (morning and evening) to help control the dust. Please drive safely and stay off the road as much as possible.

Binding agents that will help suppress dust will be applied in the week beginning the 18th December.

Before we can reseal the road we need to understand if any more pipes or services and culverts/ bridges in the area need replacing. We hope to be able to reseal the section of the road unaffected by the sewer in the near future. 

We are working with NCTIR and the police to monitor speeds in the area. Speeding or unsafe driving complaints should be referred to the police as soon as possible after they happen. You can:

Hawthorne Bridge:

We know how important it is to get Hawthorne Bridge fixed as quickly as possible.  We’re moving as fast as we can. Before we can start building, we have to make sure we’ve planned for the potential impacts on the road from the proposed deviation of SH1. We also needing to make sure our funders are happy with the design and plans.

We hope to have contractor on board by the end of April 2018. We estimate that construction will take up to 6 months from then (October 2018).

Just like all our rebuild work, we’ll work as fast as is safe and affordable and keep you updated as we go.

Community facilities

Jimmy ArmersJimmy Armers

The Jimmy Armers toilet and shower block walls were damaged beyond repair in the November 2016 earthquake. The block will be rebuilt, funded by KDC's insurance. We plan to reuse the roof structure, the concrete floor slab  depending on the extent of the earthquake damage.

Roof removal and demolition of the walls will begin this week (week beginning 4/12/17) .

To support the use of the beach and the nearby outdoor trading,  KDC will hire a container with 3 unisex toilets and two showers over the summer. This will be placed on the floor slab and connected to the existing sewer

Tennis Courts and Skate Park

The Skate Park and Tennis Courts will be made usable for summer. A temporary fix (filling and making safe major cracks etc) will be completed the week beginning the 11th December.

Both facilities will be unavialable while this work is underway.

Staying up to date/contacting us about the Rebuild

We're committed to keeping our community up to date throughout the Rebuild Programme. You can:

tennis courts

  • Look out for updates in the paper
  • Attend, or read copies of the minutes from, Council meetings
  • Give us a call 03 319 5026
  • Where needed we’ll also be doing letterbox drops or holding Community meetings to let those closest to the works know what’s going on and what to expect 


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