Redevelopment of Resource Recovery Centre

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Redevelopment of Resource Recovery Centre

Works have recently commenced on a redevelopment of the Kaikōura Resource Recovery Centre (‘RRC’) which is operated by Innovative Waste Kaikōura (IWK).


The entire RRC is to be relocated to the east over previously landfilled areas and will include a refuse transfer station that will be utilised following the closure of the Kaikōura Landfill in mid-2022. The landfill is being closed because it is approaching the limits of its capacity and further depositing of refuse there will have increasingly adverse environmental effects. As from 1 July 2022 all refuse from Kaikōura will be transported to the Kate Valley landfill near Waipara for disposal.

A new access road for the RRC will be constructed off Scarborough Street, with the existing RRC site becoming the contractor’s yard for IWK’s 3 waters activities. The general layout of the former landfill site after the landfill is closed and the layout of the reconfigured RRC are shown in the following figures. A number of buildings from the existing RRC site will be shifted to new locations, and a new recycling shop will be formed using containers.

The RRC redevelopment is a substantial and rather complex project that needs to be conducted on a working operational site and whilst IWK and KDC will endeavour to minimise disruption, it is almost inevitable that there will be some periods during which the normal services provided by the RRC will be compromised. The patience of RRC customers during the works would therefore be appreciated.

It should also be noted that certain permanent service changes may occur following the commencement of refuse transfer operations. One such change is that offal holes will not be provided, and customers will need to make other arrangements for disposal of carcasses.

Contract works are expected to commence in the very near future, and a key target is for the refuse transfer station to be functional by 1 July 2022. Some of the finishing works – in particular the sealing of pavements – are however likely to be delayed until the 2022/23 financial year.


Image 1. Proposed use of former landfill site after landfill closure















Image 2. Resource Recovery Centre Reconfiguration















Image 3. Community outcomes supported.