Resident’s survey shows strengths and weaknesses

Community services primary

Once a year, Council carries out a survey to measure how satisfied our ratepayers and residents are with the work we do.  This year our independent research agency received 345 surveys from phone interviews, online surveys and paper surveys.

Overall, council is pleased with the results, CEO Angela Oosthuizen said “in general, ratepayer satisfaction was 42%, the New Zealand average is 46%. The survey showed us that since 2017 ratepayer satisfaction with areas including our roads, sewerage, water quality, footpaths and libraries has improved which is really great. However we know there is still lots of room from more improvements especially in areas like rural roads, resource recovery, cycleways, stormwater, sportsfields, streetlights and toilets”.

“The most important thing is that Council staff now have a clear steer from ratepayers about what they’re not happy with and where they want improvements. The challenge for all Council’s teams now is to make sure we take that on board and look at where we can make changes to improve things

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