Responsible Camping Bylaw Submissions, Hearings and Deliberations

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After trialing different ways of managing responsible camping Council began working with the Responsible Camping Working Group to create a Freedom Camping Bylaw for our district in February 2019. 

Council adopted a draft ‘Responsible Freedom Camping Bylaw’ in August. Submissions on the draft bylaw closed October 11. Hearings will be held November 14 and deliberations November 15.

A summary of submissions, copies of the submissions and the agenda for the hearings and deliberations can be found below. 

The bylaw will be the key tool used by Council and the community to deal with cultural, environmental and health and safety concerns. As long as no legal challenges arise, the proposed bylaw should be in force by the end of 2019. 

Summary of submissions 

  • 184 submissions were received, 96 listed addresses in Kaikoura, 60 outside of Kaikoura, 28 did not specify.
  • There was popular support for a bylaw, with it seen as a needed action to bring some controls around camping.
  • Views about where camping should be allowed, what services to provide and other aspects were mixed. 
  • The move towards campers being self-contained received good support although many submitters felt there should still be limited areas, near toilets, available for those who are not self-contained.
  • Many submitters supported charging campers a fee to use areas, referencing other communities that do (such as Gisborne, West Coast, Hurunui). This is out of the scope of this bylaw but Council could choose to consider working towards it in future. If council wished to charge a fee, the area would have to comply with the Camping Ground Regulations. 
  • Many submitters believed the proposed length of stay was too short to enjoy their experience camping. The proposed lengths of stay are; maximum of 1 night in any 4-week period at any of the restricted areas and maximum of 2 nights in any 4-week period at any one location (or within 500m on that location) in the permitted area.
  • There was a wide mix of views on capacity constraints e.g. some mentioned a lack of accommodation in Kaikoura and that restricting areas available for camping would only exacerbate problems. Others thought that there are enough campgrounds available and campers should be directed there.

Download and read the submissions

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Hearings and deliberations 

Hearings will be held November 14 and deliberations November 15.


Proposed bylaw 

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12 November 2019