Responsible Camping

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Council wants to know what our businesses and our community think about responsible camping. Take a survey today to have your say about how responsible camping affects local business, what campers spend, where they go and what they do.  

The results will provide a picture of how those who camp for free affect Kaikoura and help shape future responsible camping work.

The community survey: 

For residents and ratepayers.The survey focuses on attitudes towards those who camp for free and perceptions of the benefits and costs they bring to their area.

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The business survey: 

For local business owners and managers. The survey focuses on capacity issues, economic linkages, challenges and opportunities, as well as general perceptions and attitudes towards Responsible Camping in Kaikōura.

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The research is being conducted by the New Zealand Tourism Research Institute based at the Auckland University of Technology (NZTRI). It aligns to the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (national level) summer research on Responsible Camping. Results are expected in April 2020.

Responsible Camping Rules 

Under the Responsible Freedom Camping bylaw 2019, all council owned or managed land in the district is either; a prohibited area, a permitted area (with restrictions) or a designated responsible camping site. 

Camping in tents is not permitted. All vehicles used for camping must display a current self-containment warrant issued under New Zealand Standard Self Containment of Motor Caravans and Caravans, NZS 5465:2001. The associated certificate must be made available on request.

The bylaw does not cover private land, DOC land, KiwiRail or NZTA land. 

More about the Bylaw, rules and maps 


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14 February 2020