Civil Defence Update

Hapuku 10am

Civil Defence Update - 3.06pm 22/09/17

This will be our last Civil Defence update for this wet weather unless things change significantly. The worst of the rain has now passed and we've got dry weather forecast for the weekend.

Roads: SH1 south and the Inland Route have been affected by several small slips and debris falls. As always, keep an eye on the conditions and check with NZTA​ for the latest info before you travel.

Locally, Hawthorne Road is closed between Rorissons Road and Mt-Fyffe Road until Friday next week for health and safety reasons while works are underway.

Water systems: Some of our water supplies are feeling the pressure after the heavy rains.

Reminder that the Kincaid supply has shut down as it is designed to do and is now running on storage. We're asking residents to use water wisely so that the storage doesn't run out.

The Suburban supply is experiencing some high turbidity. A precautionary boil water notice remains in place.

All other water supplies are working well. As always the latest updates can be found here 

Rivers and the Hapuku dam: During the recent heavy rains, ECAN and KDC kept a close eye on river flows and the lake level in the Hapuku dam, updating residents as needed. On Tuesday evening, following heavy rains, a pulse of water/ debris from the Hapuku dam passed through the Hapuku system. Debris marks at the SH1 bridge indicate a peak water level increase of approximately 1m while the lake level dropped approximately 5m.

Since then, rains have eased and water levels have stabilised in the lake. The remaining lake depth is estimated at 35m in the deepest point.

ECAN and GNS will check the impact of the rains on the dam in more detail next week. For now, their advice is to remain out of the Hapuku riverbed during and immediately after future rainfall events.