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As work continues to improve the quality and efficiency of Council services, significant improvements are being made to how Council manages Kaikoura's roads, footpaths and bridges network. 

Since the signing of the new roading contract with Downer in July 2018, Downer and Council have worked together and identified over 700 faults across the roading network. From these 700, the top priorities have now been agreed. A programme of work for the next 3 months has now been approved and a new staff member is being brought on board to keep the work on track.

In March 2019 Downer completed some of the most urgent works including repairing over 30 potholes, resealing of Tui Street, Avoca Street, Kotare Place, continued stabilisation work and repairs on roads damaged by recent rain events, completing line marking and signage replacements and grading some of our most in-need roads.

Councils Works and Services Manager, Rashid Siddiqui is energised by recent progress saying, “it’s been really good to get down to details with the Downer team and make sure that they are putting all the right steps in place to fix our most urgent issues and deliver the kind of service our community needs. Our new Roading Engineer will be starting in late April too, giving us more hands on deck right where they are needed most. This role is a new one that came out of the 3 Year Plan and Council’s push to improve our service to our community and it’s great to see the community’s patience and faith being repaid with a significant change in the way we do business.”

“We know there are some significant challenges with our roading network – 700 faults is not a good place to start – but both Council and Downer now have all the information they need to put the right plans, budgets and performance measures in place to really get our roading work moving along.”

Work over the next three months prioritises unsealed roads, drainage, and vegetation control. It includes $78,922 for Sealed Pavement Maintenance, $88,142 for Unsealed Pavement Maintenance, $91,449 for Drainage Maintenance, and $260 for Traffic Services (Signs & Road Markings). Roads expected to see improvements include  Mill Road, Postmans Road, Lovers Lane, Clarence Valley Rod, Puhi Puhi Road, Kekerengu valley Road,  Waipapa Road, Mount Fyffe Road, Red Swamp Road and Schoolhouse Road.

The programme also includes $614,133 worth of work on several roads used by NCTIR vehicles as ‘haul routes’ for materials moved as part of their rebuild work. This work is delivered by Downer through the council programme but funded 100%  by NCTIR.

Tracking our customer service is another area Council is keeping a close eye on, Mr Siddiqui said. “Previously we didn’t have the tools or processes we needed to be able to make sure that when a member of the public reported an issue it was pushed through to our roading team and dealt with in the right way at the right time. With the new contract, new staff and the focused teamwork of council and Downer teams we are now able to make sure that these requests are properly dealt with and the Downer are meeting the conditions of their contract in getting this work done. As an example, Downer were sent 8 customer service requests during February, 7 of which should be dealt with during March.”

Downers costs and prices are now being reviewed by staff for reasonableness and affordability as part of the 6 month review of the contract. Final agreement on costs is expected by July.

In the footpath space, Chorus are about to start work to roll out Ultra-Fast Broadband around town. This will impact most footpaths in town, many of which were already in poor condition. To avoid sealing footpaths that will then by dug up by Chorus, Council has delayed repair work that was scheduled for 2018/19. This also allows council to cost share with Chorus.

Mr Siddiqui also said that more improvements may be on the horizon. “As part of the Annual Plan process, the team has identified that if we want to deliver the quality of roads and footpaths our community is telling us they want, we need more funding in out budgets. As part of this year’s consultation we’ll be putting out proposals for increasing our budgets for 2019/2020 to allow Council to carry out extra work on our footpaths and roads. I look forward to seeing what the community is willing to pay for its roads.”


Kaikōura District Council's road maintenance contract includes all roading maintenance, footpath maintenance, bridge repairs, periodic maintenance renewals and resealing. It is valued at around $1.5million per year.

Our road network includes 84 km of sealed roads, 101 km of unsealed roads, 37 km of footpaths and 43 bridges. As part of the ongoing SH1 restoration work, the Inland Road is being maintained by NZTA.

In July 2018, following a S17a review, Council signed a new road maintenance contract joining the NZTA Network Outcomes Contract with Downer as our roading contractor. The main reasons were:

  • The need for regular inspections by the contractor to identify immediate faults
  • The need for the contractor to inform long term programming that prioritises work within Council's limited budgets (so that we make best use of the funds available)
  • The need for Council's limited in-house resources to focus on long term direction as opposed to day-to-day work programming and problem response
  • The need to fulfill the required level of Health and Safety provision for staff and public
  • The need for locally based management of sub-contractors and work programmes
  • The opportunity for coordinated access to specialist activities aligned with State Highway activities for efficiency (such as road marking, reseals, roughness surveys)
  • The opportunity for efficient access to specialist support services (such as bridge inspection, geotechnical assessment, pavement design)
  • Access to a wider resource pool based locally
  • Effective collaboration and prioritisation of emergency response
  • Efficient procurement and management of Kaikōura District Council contracts

About Network Outcomes Contracts

NOC is a single contract model (inclusive of physical works and network management functions) and a combination of outcome and output performance based measures. This type of contract was developed to meet constrained maintenance budgets. This contracting model will ensure efficiency and effectiveness through strategic asset management and focused service delivery

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 Last updated: 15 Aug 2018