Schools Tsunami Exercise, Wed 15 June

Kaikoura Primary School Evac Route

Emergency Management agencies and Kaikōura schools will be running through a tsunami evacuation drill on Wednesday 15th June.  As part of the exercise students will congregate at Churchill Street park (morning) and off Ludstone Road (afternoon).  Please see planned routes in the accompanying images.  If you are driving around these areas at these times, please be aware as there will be increased foot traffic.


St Joseph s School and Kaikoura High Schools Evac route2


Dean Eades, Emergency Management Officer at Kaikōura District Council said, “Natural hazards can be very frightening and disorientating, so this exercise aims to help students feel confident and safe if an emergency happens while at school.  We want to strengthen the message that if ‘its long and strong, get gone!’  and for students to know where their school’s safe place is if they need to evacuate when at school after a large earthquake.”


If you are no longer a student but want to prepare for a tsunami or other natural hazards, check out the Kaikōura District Council website on  There is an interactive risk zone map in the tsunami section that shows safe areas and areas most at risk.