SH1 North and South open 24/7

2018.03 SH1 opening latest news

SH1 is now open 24/7 north and south of Kaikōura

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 You can see more information on roads in the Kaikōura area here.


April 30 update

State Highway 1 (SH1) is now open 24/7 north and south of Kaikōura. There remains sections that are one way and controlled by stop/go signals. 

All motorists should plan their journey before setting off and to ensure the roads are open.

Weather may affect the roads. Safety remains the number one priority so the road may close in the event of bad weather.

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April 18 update

NZTA confirm State Highway 1 north and south of Kaikōura to reopen for night time travel from Monday 30 April.

Things to keep in mind: There are multiple sections where traffic will be singe-lane and controlled by Stop/Go controls as opposed to people. New signage to indicate 'no stopping' and 'rockfall' zones will be present to protect motorist safety and alert them to potential danger. Trains will still be present travelling both directions-drivers should take care when approaching and crossing tracks, checking both ways before proceeding. Cyclists are advised to only use the road during the day for their own safety. A no stopping zone will remain in place in the two most earthquake-damaged areas just north and south of Kaikōura. 

"We've delivered an extensive construction programme over the last year and the critical safety work will soon be complete. More than 30,000 square metres of steel mesh has been wrapped around slips south of Kaikōura and new infrastructure such as bridges and seawalls has been built to the north" Transport Agency Earthquake Recovery Manager, Tim Crow says. 

Regular checks will be conducted on the road by crews throughout the night, and a proactive approach will be taken in response to future weather events. 

You can stay up to date on real-time travel information here or by calling 0800 HIGHWAYS (0800 44 44 49).

You can read the press release from NZTA here.

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March 28 update

Following an announcement by NZTA, SH1 is set to be open 24/7 from the end of April 2018.

“We’re pleased that drivers will soon be able to use SH1 day and night – it takes us another step closer to fully restoring the transport networks in the region. The exact date is still to be confirmed so until it is, people can plan to use the road 24/7 from 1 May. There will still be worksites along the route in 2018 as we continue to make it safe and resilient for the future.” - Tim Crow, NZTA EQ Recovery Manager

Once the road is reopened, there will continue to be no stopping or camping allowed in the two highly affected zones North and South of Kaikōura, apart from places identified as 'safe stopping' zones. 

There will be a short closure planned in mid-April to get the road up to scratch for opening at night, with traffic still being able to use the Inland Road during this time. 

Transport Minister Hon Phil Twyford says,

This news will be welcomes by local communities, the freight industry and every day Kiwi drivers alike. I'm delighted that SH1 will soon be available to everyone day and night - bringing further social and economic benefits back to the region"

Note from NZTA: "Until the road reopens in late April, two sections of SH1 continue to be closed every night as a safety precaution between 7.30pm and 7.30am – they are (north of Kaikōura) between Clarence and Mangamaunu and (south of Kaikōura) between Goose Bay and the SH1/Leader Road Intersection.

Drivers should continue to take care at level crossings as trains and other rail vehicles can run at any time and from either direction on the line between Picton and Christchurch as the recovery works continue. Trains travel faster than they appear and can’t stop quickly. Drivers should always check both ways at level crossings before proceeding." 

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