Short term visitor accommodation; charges and consents

Resource Consents 630

Council is working with those who offer short term visitor accommodation to ensure the correct consents are in place and charges are paid.

A $400 annual accommodation sector charge applies to properties that do not meet the rating definition of commercial but provide visitor accommodation for commercial reward, such as small BnB’s, houses rented out as holiday homes and Air B&B style accommodation. It does not apply to long-term rental accommodation.

This helps make sure property owners who benefit financially from providing visitor accommodation contribute to the costs these visitors place on district infrastructure and Council services.

The charge contributes to tourism and economic development activities, traffic control, harbour facilities and public toilets.

It is applied to the property’s annual rates.

A resource consent is also required for all properties in zones other than the business zone that provide short-term accommodation. 

Resource consents help manage the impact of providing accommodation on the environment and on neighbours.

Those unsure about the rules around providing visitor accommodation are encouraged to get in touch by email or calling us on 03 319 5026

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31 January 2020