Signs Bylaw in place to ensure public safety and to protect the natural assets of district

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A recent presenter to Council noted signs within the district that do not comply with the Signs Bylaw. As a result the Council asked for community and businesses in particular to be reminded of the rules and standards in the Bylaw. The Council's Signs Bylaw is in place to ensure that signs are erected, maintained and displayed in a manner that does not present a hazard or a danger to public safety. The Signs Bylaw is also to ensure that the natural features of the District are maintained and enhanced. 

Businesses are required to ensure that their signs comply with the rules and standards in the Bylaw. The are a number of signs that are prohibited and a range of signs which require permits. We will be reviewing the Signs Bylaw from later this year, community input will be sought during this review.

Examples of the rules and standards are:

  • Offsite signs are prohibited under the Signs Bylaw, this means any sign which does not relate to goods or services available at the site where the sign is located; or an event at the site where the sign is located is prohibited.
  • Temporary event signs may be permitted with approval from Council and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency.

Authorised signs include:

  • For Sale Signs, Vehicle Signs, Construction Signs, Motel/Hotel Duty Manager Sign, Signs authorised by Resource Consents, Signs under legislation.

For the safety of pedestrians, signs on and around the footpath are also subject to rules and standards. The display of any signs that are not authorised must first obtain a permit from the Council.

  • Sandwich Boards should not exceed 800mm by 600mm and be located against the kerb edge and perpendicular to the kerb whilst allowing for at least 1.4m of clear passage on the footpath.
  • Flat board signs must not exceed 1m² in area and be placed against the exterior of the building to which the sign relates.
  • Flags cannot be located on the footpath and are limited to one flag per business frontage. Flags should be located within the site which they are advertising. 


A full copy of the rules and standards for signs in the Kaikōura District is available here.


2 March 2021