Changing Speed Limits in Kaikoura

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Council is reviewing road speeds around Kaikōura.

As Kaikōura has grown and changed, so has the traffic on our roads. This means some of our current speed limits are no longer as safe as they should be. Proposed changes include slower speeds around schools, through the centre of town and in several high traffic areas.

The proposed speed changes are the result of an independent review of our road network undertaken by an independent contractor, Harrison Grierson (HGT2). The changes also take into account NZTAs advice on safe speed limits.


Read the independent report | Read the media release 


The proposed speed limit changes are:

  • A 30km/hr speed limit on West End in town centre of Kaikōura. 
    View West End map
  • A 50km/hr speed limit on local urban roads in the townships of the Kaikōura district. 
    View urban map | View township maps.
  • 40km/hr Advisory Speed Signs in School Zone areas for Kaikōura Primary School, Kaikōura High School, St Joseph’s School and Kaikōura Suburban School.
    View school zone map
  • A 50km/hr speed limit on Ludstone Road between the Kaikōura urban boundary and Mt Fyffe Road.
    View Ludstone Road map
  • An 80km/hr speed limit on:
    • Mill road between SH1 and Mt Fyffe Road
    • Mt Fyffe Road between Mill Road and Ludstone Road
    • Hawthorne Road between the 50km/hr urban boundary and Mt Fyffe Road
    • Rorrisons Road
    • Inland Road between SH1 and 200m west of the South Island Main Trunk rail crossing.
    • View peri-urban map | View Inland Road map

These proposed options are now out for consultation. The consultation closes 5pm 16 August 2019. Hearing 22nd August 2019.

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2 July 2019