Summer Wine Kaikōura

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Summer Wine Kaikōura is a monthly event for over 65's that meet in the Parish Centre (Catholic Church) every second Thursday of the month 10am-12pm. Contact Nicky Woodill on 03 319 5480 for more information.


June's Summer Wine session was held on Thursday 14 and was full of bright smiles and embraces. As everyone came and settled into a seat the room was full of chatter and catch ups. 

Two speakers were organised for this month -  Belinda (Community Support Worker) and Moana (Earthquake Navigator Support).

Belinda spoke first, telling us how she had moved to Kaikōura with her boyfriend over 20 years ago. She was previously doing Beauty Therapy, before moving to her role as Community Support Worker, which she said "is the best job in the world."

Belinda's role is to keep elderly in their home for as long as possible, as statistics found that people lived longer when they remained in their own homes. She works with various other agencies and services to assist elderly.

Her role came about after the Christchurch and Kaikōura earthquakes. Elderly started staying in their homes more because they felt safer knowing where they were and knowing their family knew where they were, if there was another earthquake.

People became sick, depressed and friendships started to fall away. Social connection in the elderly community became less and less. 

The role of Community Support Worker is to get people out and having fun! Dementia Canterbury now have a presence in the community, with the four groups of memory impairment joining together in Kaikōura, regularly meeting in the community to stimulate their brains through exercise, activities and interaction.

Belinda explained that the brain is activated when we go into different environments. She said that sometimes we don't notice it, but small things like the birds singing stimulates our brain. This stimulation prevents depression and dementia. 

The Kaichoral group got up, and with Nicky on her ukelele, sung us Take Me Home Coastal Roads - an awesome remix to Take Me Home, Country Roads.

"Coastal roads, take me home

to the place, I belong.

Kaikōura, Kaikōura

Where the mountains meet the sea..."

Moana was next to speak, who is the Earthquake Navigator Support based at Kaikōura Healthcare. Moana helps people throughout the earthquake rebuild process.

Moana was born and bred in Kaikōura, and married a local too. Before the earthquake she worked at Four Square and her new role sees her working alongside agencies to help people throughout their individual rebuild journey. Moana knows where to get the right kind of information for each person and walks them through the rebuild process. 

She can guide/help people with arranging contractors, insurance, scopes, entitlements. Her service is free and she is happy to help anyone who may benefit from it.

Moana's role is part of the Social Recovery Team, and she works Monday to Wednesday. You can get in touch with her through the Hospital or Arlene (here at Council) 027 566 3064. 

19 June 2018