Ratepayer and Residents Satisfaction Survey 2018/2019

Satisfaction survey

Each year the Council surveys the community to gather feedback about Council services, community facilities and community wellbeing. The results help measure satisfaction levels with Council performance, the districts environmental sustainability and the progress of post-earthquake re-development and re-build.

The survey was completed between November 2018 and January 2019 found:
• 64% of the community members agreed that quality of life has been improving in the District.

• 48% of Community members were satisfied with Council performance (a small but significant increase on 2018 results).

• The top five rated services provided by Council were; the public library, sewerage system, animal control, playgrounds and Council communications.

• Four areas presented the greatest opportunity to improve overall satisfaction with Council; resource consents and inspections, building consents, community facilities repair programme and rural roads.


Read the survey results.


14 June 2018