Tsunami Warning Signs

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Did you know that there are no tsunami sirens in Kaikōura?
In the event of a long or strong earthquake, the quake itself may be the only warning of a tsunami. Do not wait for further instructions, notifications or advice, evacuate immediately after the shaking has stopped. 

In the Kaikōura District, the risk of tsunami rates as three out of our top 5 dangers! These could be tsunamis from a local, regional or distant source. The other two risks are an earthquake on the alpine fault or a local shake. 

Remember - Long or strong, get gone!

Council are preparing to install a number of signs and road markings to educate and remind us where to go and how high (above sea level) we need to be in the event that a tsunami might occur. This is especially important for our new residents and tourists and visitors who are staying in an unfamiliar location where there is a risk of tsunami - should a long and strong earthquake occur.