Water Conservation

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Save time, water and money and have a healthier lawn.
Set your mower up a notch from now on and over summer.
Be smart about watering your grass and gardens.

Water use

Over winter, drinking water use in Kaikoura township and Ocean Ridge is about two and a half million litres a day.  Last summer the total water use got up to a total of just under 7 million litres a day.  About half a million litres a day of the increase was for summer visitors.  Of the other 4 million litres a day, over half would have been for irrigating lawns and other grassed areas, with the rest for watering gardens. 

Water cost

Council’s water charge rate is $1 per thousand litres. At that rate, the cost of watering lawns and other grass was over $2,000 a day, or $20,000 a month.   

Healthy grass

If grass is cut too short in spring and summer, the roots stay shallow and the grass doesn’t shade the soil. It is easier for weeds to get in and take hold. If you set your mower higher, so the blades of grass are at least 70 mm long, the grass roots will also grow longer and will get down into the moisture deeper in the soil.  It will stay green for longer with less water and you’ll need to cut it less often, saving you time and money. It will eventually go dormant and brown off naturally, coming back green in autumn.  If you really want it to be green in summer, you should only need to water it when it doesn’t spring back after you walk on it, but your footprints stay visible for a few minutes.

Garden watering

Water your plants really well every few days, in the evening or very early morning. Watering every day wastes water and your time. Use a soft spray, to allow water to soak down to the roots where it benefits the plants and doesn’t just run off or evaporate from the surface.


23 September 2020