Weather Update

waeather 010218

We're currently experiencing high winds and rough seas. They've caused a couple of minor issues including:

The Commerical Hotel site: Ramsgate Street,Torquay Street and Toms Track have been closed. This is because there is potential risk to the public from flying debris/loose materials from the Commercial Hotel demolition site.

The wharf buildings on Wakatu Quay:
Council and the fire brigade are assessing a building on the wharf to check if there is any danger of flying debris/loose materials. please avoid the area unless it's critical for you to be there.

Reminder: Part of the old Fyffe wharf beside Fyffe House and just north of Jimmy Armers has been closed off.The area has been fenced and signs were in place before the wind.

What can you do in this wild weather:
- Tie down/remove any loose objects outdside or around your buildings 
- Be sensible and careful when venturing outdoors or down to the beach. 
- Drive slowly, especially if you're in high-sided vehicles. If possible, delay or alter your journey plans to avoid the worst of the weather. Always check with NZTA for the latest updates before you travel. 
- Use your judgement about your own safety. We suggest you stay away from the roughest parts of the beaches or any sites where loose material may cause safety issues. 
- Check and secure your doors and windows 
- Make a cup of tea. sit somewhere indoors safe and cosy and watch the show.