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Needed:  someone special to fill a 6 month fixed term position providing coordination and administration support for Kaikōura District Council Communications

We need someone who can multi-task and finds it easy to keep several different jobs on the go at once. Someone who can connect easily and quickly with the full range of Kaikōura residents and ‘walk in their shoes’, helping ensure Council is providing the right kinds of information, in the right ways, to the right people.

This includes: writing stories and news, designing collateral and pulling together information from Council, partner agencies and community sources and delivering it to people's doorsteps via a number of channels (community meetings and supporting materials, physical noticeboards, newsletters, website, social media). You’ll be writing content, looking after our social media and website, planning workshops and events, taking photos, making videos and a multitude of other tasks.

The role can be shaped to fit role-sharing, remote or flexible time arrangements. 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • producing Council email newsletter
  • growing the community on Council's facebook page
  • support Council teams by creating fliers, posters, website and social media content that promotes council services, meetings and consultations

  • helping with the intranet and internal communications  

Download a job description

Apply: Libby.Clifford@kaikoura.govt.nz or 027 562 6669

Applications close: Thursday 31 January 2019.

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