What's the plan, Hapuku?

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CD kaikouraOur Civil Defence Emergency Management Officer Kd, has been travelling the countryside spreading the word about our rural areas creating Community Disaster Plans

Hapuku was the second community that was visited, and we were overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response and motivation be the community in preparing for any future potential events. 

Hapuku community had their Community Disaster Plan Workshop on a VERY rainy night in August. 

We all assembled at Hapuku School and even had to change rooms to allow extra seating! Lots of stories were shared around the group of personal experiences from the earthquake, as well as lessons learned and identifying what worked well for the community immediately following the quake. 

Many people agreed that although it no longer had official 'Civil Defence meeting point' status, Hapuku School would remain the central point for the community. 

Some key things that the community found handy in the post-quake period included:

  • Meeting at the School daily for a communtiy BBQ and spending the night at the School so that no one felt like they had to be alone
  • Sharing resources
  • Helping each other connect with loved ones both from Kaikōura and outside the district

Connection, safety and support were all common themes that were bought up. Many people felt that connecting as a community and creating those support networks immediately post-quake, helped them cope better as individuals as well as a community. 

This display of connection is exactly what Civil Defence is all about - helping each other in whatever way you can. 

Hapuku now has a community hub tool box at Hapuku School and have set the wheels in motion to create further connection within their neighbourhood. 

Thanks for being so great Hapuku!


What is a community disaster plan workshop?

A meeting where the community comes together, learns a little about Civil Defence and starts to make a plan about what they might need to do if a disaster was to strike. 

Not only this, they are issued with a handy Community Emergency Hub tool-box which contains guidance on what needs to be done to set up an effective community hub during an event. 


What is Civil Defence?

Although often Civil Defence is thought of as the knight in shining armour, that is going to ride in on his white horse at the times you are most in need, it is much bigger that that. 

Civil Defence is ultimately a network consisting of you, your neighbours and community, the local EMO, regional EMO, National EMO and then International aid. 

This highlights the importance of having strong community networks before an event occurs, as in the 24-48 hours immediately following a disaster your local community will be the ones that you rely on the most, and that rely on you. 

Civil Defence is therefore a board societal response to a disaster.

Want to know more about making sure you, your friends and your whānau are prepared for an emergency in Kaikōura?

29 August 2018