Where can you walk your dog?

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Kaikōura is home to a variety of native wildlife and as dog owners we need to make sure we are keeping our wildlife safe from dogs. There has been a number of dog attacks on our native birdlife including a fatal attack on an endangered white-flippered penguin. These unfortunate attacks occurred in an area where dogs are prohibited and could have been avoided. There are a number of areas within Kaikōura where dogs are prohibited and/or must be on a leash at all times. Download a copy of the dog control areas here

Dog park

Kaikōura does not have a dog park and while there are currently no plans to build one, Council are interested in hearing from those within the community that think this is a good idea. Please let our animal control team know your thoughts regarding a dog park by calling 027 668 8780.

Responsible dog ownership is especially important in a setting such as Kaikōura where there are so many chances for dogs to come in contact with our precious wildlife. Please consider this next time you take your dog on an adventure.

Areas where dogs are prohibited 

  • Takahanga Domain
  • Gooches Beach Recreation Reserve within 10 metres of play equipment
  • Recreation Reserve (next to 103 South Bay Parade) within 10 metres of play equipment
  • Bayview Street Park within 10 metres of the play equipment
  • Churchill Street Park within 10 metres of the play equipment
  • Point Kean Seal Colony area and car park and the Peninsula Walkway
  • Jimmy Armers Beach and Recreation Reserve from 1 November to 31 March each year
  • South Bay Domain, fenced off sports areas only
  • Wildlife reserve adjacent to Lyell Creek (Ludstone Road corner)
  • South Bay commercial boat park, Moa Point and the small craft marine facility area
  • Garden of Memories
  • Reservoir Site Scarborough Street (the Lookout)
  • Kaikoura Cemetery
  • Gilling’s Lane/Beach Road Recreation Reserve within 10 metres of play equipment
  • Reserve at South Bay Entrance

Areas where dogs must be on a leash

  • West End (between State Highway 1 and Esplanade)
  • Lydia Washington Walkway (West End to Deal Street)
  • Annie Boyd Walkway (Torquay Street to Killarney Street)
  • Takahanga Terrace to Killarney Street Walkway
  • Dempsey’s Track (Torquay Street to Scarborough)
  • Tom’s Track (Torquay Street to Scarborough Street)
  • Track from Torquay Street to Scarborough Street via Nga Niho Pa
  • Churchill Street (West End to Scarborough Street)
  • Beach Road (Mill Road to Ludstone Road/ Churchill Street intersection)

09 September 2020