Rachel Vaughan

Rachel Vaughan 1District Planner/Environmental

Saving Kaikoura, one recycling bin at a time.

I work on our zero waste and environmental programs. I work closely with the recycling centre to make it easy for you to recycle, take your greenwaste or ensuring our town is clean. In addition, I can give advice on how to save water or electricity, how to plant indigenous species to protect our natural environment and attract birds to your area. I can also advise on restoration planting. I can help with green technologies for building to make your home low cost and pleasant to live in. I can also tell you what is hot in the world of sustainability. I work with volunteers who wish to contribute to our district, and am trying to work toward a plastic free Community.

I collect data and information for the Earthcheck environmental program and make sure people know about the great work of Kaikoura Community toward protecting our natural environment. I have recently become a sustainability advisor through the international Natural Step program, so if your business or group would like to hear more, contact me.

My work also involves reviewing of national and regional policy to ensure those writing it take notice of Kaikoura’s values. We may be small, but we need to ensure national policy does not affect our way of life. I also help write our District Plan, which ensures our District protects the most valuable resources we have.

I am a member of the Te Korowai group, which produced the marine strategy for our District. My husband and I moved to Kaikoura 10 years ago. We have two children that have been lucky enough to grow up in this beautiful town.

In my spare time, I coach junior gymnastics. I am also actively involved with the pony club, organising the show jumping component of our A&P show and our Pony Club show jumping day. My first love is the outdoors and I am a keen diver when I’m not running my daughter around to horse events, and enjoy skiing Mt Lyford.

Phone: 03 319 5026 ext 207
Email: rachel.vaughan@kaikoura.govt.nz