Celeste Harnett

Following the November 14 2016 earthquake we are now in a position where we are celeste Portfolio Picture3forced to adapt to unpredicted change.

As a newly elected Councillor, it is my responsibility to support my community get back on its feet and stand stronger than ever.

I am committed to effective governance management through best practice processes, genuine relationships, priority planning and strong project management, planning within our financial means and having the ability to show clear evidence of decision making.

This means striving to exceed our obligations as opposed to just meeting them.

With a shared community approach to re-imagining Kāikoura, the District will do more than just recover. We will re-unite as a people who have the confidence that only “together” do we have the capacity to make smart strategic decisions that will sustain our uniquely Kāikoura developments for this generation and the next.

I have experience on governance boards and have worked in the following industries; project management, tourism, construction, mining, commercial fishing, and education. I'm a strong advocate for both my Māori and European heritage.

Council Roles: 

  • Kaikōura Earthquake Recovery Committee
  • Creative Communities Funding (Kaikōura)
  • Sports Tasman
  • Waterzone Committee

Community Roles 

  • Te Hā o Māturanga ( Kaikōura Community Hub)
  • Te Ahi Wairua o Kaikoura (Kaīkoura Whānau Ora Collective) 


Phone: 027 415 1847

Email: TBC