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Information on Council meetings, meetings of the Finance Audit and Risk committee and meetings of the Earthquake Recovery Committee including agendas and minutes.


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Agendas and Minutes

Recent agendas and minutes are listed below. Agendas are listed as far in advance of the meeting as possible, minutes are listed as soon after the meeting as possible. 

Agendas and minutes from 2013 - July 2017 have been archived and can be found here. 

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Earthquake Recovery - Agenda 



Council Meeting 24 January - Agenda            Separate paper: Resilience improvements work on Clarence Valley Road 


December meetings

Extraordinary Council 18 December 2017 -  Agenda (Note a full summary of Clarence Valley access issues can be found here)

Extraordinary Council 13 December 2017 -  Agenda

Earthquake Recovery 13 December 2017 - Agenda

November meetings

Earthquake Recovery 8 November - Agenda      Minutes

Council 22 November - Agenda

October meetings

Council Meeting 25 October: Agenda Part 1    Agenda Part 2     Agenda Part 3      Minutes

Earthquake Recovery Meeting 11 October : Agenda      Minutes

September meetings

Earthquake Recovery  13 September 2017     Agenda      Minutes

Finance, Audit & Risk  25 September 2017     Agenda     

Council 27 September 2017      Agenda      Minutes

August meetings

Council 23 August 2017       Agenda       Minutes

Earthquake Recovery 23 August 2017   Agenda      Minutes

Finance, Audit & Risk - CANCELLED. 


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