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Annual Plan 2020/2021

There are some big items included in the 2020/2021 Draft Annual Plan such as possible changes to Rubbish and Recycling services, the construction of the Aquatic Centre and the Clarence Valley Access - Glen Alton Bridge.

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Three Year Plan 2018-2021

The 3 Year Plan 2018-2021 sets big work programmes to tackle some of our District’s biggest issues, meet community needs and legal responsibilities.

The Maori proverb "Manaaki whenua, Manaaki tangata, Haere whakamua (Care for the land, care for the people, go forward)” provided the guiding theme for the 3 Year Plan.

Council believes this plan provides what’s needed for Kaikouras people, environment, land and its' future. It will help Council create a district that can  move forward as a great place to live, with a strong, well-connected community that is ecologically exemplary and economically prosperous. 

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District Plan Review: Our homes | our hazards

The rolling review of the District Plan will start with the District Plan’s natural hazards provisions, using the standard plan change process under the Resource Management Act.

The current District Plan has been operative since 2008 and is due for review. In November 2018 Council confirmed the District Plan will be reviewed as a series of plan changes (a ‘rolling review’) rather than one change. 

Council will work with the community to review the District Plan’s natural hazards provisions once all technical information and other requirements are in place. There will be many opportunities for the community to learn about the natural hazards our district faces and the areas they could affect.

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Key Plans, Bylaws and Policies

30 June 2020