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Information about and links to our Annual Plans and Reports, Long-Term Plans, the District Plan and some of our key policies and bylaws.  

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Long-term Plan

We're currently developing a 3 Year Plan to cover 2018-2021.

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Long-term plans generally set out the Council’s intentions for the next decade. They are reviewed every 3 years to keep them relevant and accurate, keep them moving in the right direction and addressing community outcomes.

The Long-Term Plan in current use is the Kaikoura 2025 Long-term Plan, adopted on 29 June 2015. It is presented in two parts: 

Long Term Plan 2015-2025 Volume 1 (3.8MB) - a summary document 

Long Term Plan 2015-2025 Volume 2 (7.8MB) - detailed financial information 

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Annual Plan

The Kaikoura District Council Annual Plan is a plan for the financial year (from 1 July to 30 June). It sets out how much Council can spend on its' different operations including the services for our community such as roads, water, sewerage, rubbish, etc. It also determines how much we borrow, and how much your rates will be.

2017 - 2018 Annual Plan

Annual Plan 2017 - 2018

Previous Years:

Annual Report

The Annual Report  compares what we did in a financial year to what we said we would do. It lets you know what we delivered and whether we met our budgets and performance targets

District Plan

The Kaikoura District Plan is currently being reviewed using a rolling review, read more here 

The current version of the plan has been operative since Monday 23 June 2008 and can be found below. Copies are also available in hard copy or on CD.

Table of Contents

1.   Introduction
2.   Policy and Legal Framework
3.   User's Guide
4.   Definitions

District-Wide Issues, Objectives, Policies and Rules

5.   Tangata Whanua Values
6.   Recreation and Open Space
7.   Development and Tourism
8.   Natural Hazards
9.   Hazardous Substances
10. Utilities
11. Landscape and Amenity
12. Transport
13. Subdivision
14. Financial Contributions
15. Historic Heritage, Tree Protection, Archaeological Sites
16. Outdoor Advertising
17. Relocated & Temporary Buildings and Temporary Activities

Zones - Issues, Objectives, Policies and Rules

18. Residential Zones
19. Settlement Zones
20. Business Zones
21. Marine Facilities Zone
22. Rural Zone
23. Kaikoura Peninsula Tourism Zone
24. Ocean Ridge Comprehensive Living Zone

Miscellaneous Sections

25. Assessment Matters for Guidance
26. Appendix
27. Submission Form - for publicly notified resource consent applications (form 13)

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District Plan Decisions

General, Maps and new Provisions
Sections 1-5
Sections 6-10
Sections 11-14
Sections 15-21
Sections 22


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Downloadable PDF application documents:


The following policies are included in the Long Term Plan: