2020/2021 Draft Annual Plan

We recognised that the rates increase signaled in the 2018/2021 Three Year Plan (10%) would not be acceptable in the post COVID-19 environment and to this end Council directed the CEO to revise the Draft Annual Plan budget to mitigate the effects on ratepayers due to the impact of COVID-19 on the community and its economy. 

We can report that our average rates increase this year is proposed to be 4.6% and we are not creating an unacceptable burden for the following years.

There are some big items included in the 2020/2021 Draft Annual Plan such as possible changes to Rubbish and Recycling services, the construction of the Aquatic Centre and the Clarence Valley Access - Glen Alton Bridge.  

2020/2021 Draft Annual Plan Consultation Document


2020/2021 Full Draft Annual Plan

To find out more and ask any questions we urge you to attend a community gathering during July.

Target Communities Date Time Location
Clarence/Kēkerengū Thursday 9 July 5pm - 7pm Kēkerengū Store          
Inland Road/Oaro/Goose Bay    Tuesday 14 July 6pm - 8pm      Council Chambers
Everyone Wednesday 22 July       5pm - 7pm Memorial Hall
Te Rūnanga o Kaikōura Monday 27 July 5pm - 7pm Takahanga Marae






Submissions can be made online (click the link below) or pick up a paper submission form from the Library or Council offices. Submissions must arrive at Council no later than 4pm on Friday 31 July. Hearings will be held on August 10 and 11, please remember to indicate if you would like to speak to Council at the hearings when you make a submission. 

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2020/2021 Draft Annual Plan Key Priorities 

  •  A complete review of Rubbish and Recycling Services
  • Address the loss of the all-weather access across the Waiau Toa/Clarence River
  • Support the construction of the new Kaikōura Aquatic Centre
  • Complete the Horizontal Infrastructure Rebuild
  • Complete the District Plan Review of the Natural Hazards Chapter
  • Continue to improve water quality, safety and security
  • Maintain community facilities
  • Progress the Provincial Growth Funded development of Wakatu Quay and South Bay Marina
  • Lead the development of the Ten Year Long Term Plan 2021 - 2031
  • Finalise the Financial and Corporate Sustainability Project

04 August 2020