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Keep in mind:

  • Submissions need to be with Council by 5pm Sunday 2nd June. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • If you wish to attend a hearing and provide feedback to Council, we will need a phone number or email address to contact you on
  • There will be hearings on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th June for those who want to talk to Council about their submission. You need to be available on one of these days if you wish to speak to Council about your submission

Privacy Act Information

It is a requirement of the legislation for submissions to be made available to the public. Your contact details are collected:

  • to arrange a hearing date and time for you to speak (if you choose to)
  • So the Council can write and inform you of the decision(s) on your submission(s)

Your name and address will be made publicly available. If you would like your address and phone details (including email address) kept confidential, you need to inform us when you send in your submission.

You have the right to correct any errors in personal details contained in your submission. If you do not supply your name and address the Council will formally receive your submission, but will not be able to inform you of the outcome.


Please provide an email address and/or your physical address. This is needed to contact you after your submission has been received and collated.

Your submission

Select the topic you'd like to provide feedback on by clicking in the 'Topic' box, then type in what you have to say


Thank you for taking the time to make a submission