Approved Contractors Health & Safety Information

The Kaikōura District Council is committed to ensuring a safe working environment as well as meeting the required duties as a Principal when engaging contractors to ensure the safety of employees, contractors, sub-contractors and members of the public.

To be able to undertake any work for the Kaikōura District Council all contractors must firstly become an Approved Contractor.

An Information Booklet and Application Form are available below or from our office at 96 West End, Kaikōura.

On receipt of the contractor’s health and safety information the company will be assessed for compliance to set safety standards.

Once the contractor receives approved status they will be required to complete an induction.

Contractor approval will be reviewed every two years.

Only approved Contractors may be engaged to undertake any work for or on behalf of the Kaikōura District Council.


Health & Safety Approved Contractor Information Booklet - 2020

Health & Safety Approved Contractor Application Form - 2020