District Plan Review

The District Plan is Council’s planning rulebook for building and development in the District.  Through the District Plan we can:

  • decide where and how future development is allowed,
  • outline how our community plans for natural hazards like floods and earthquakes,
  • develop the kind of community we want to leave our children.

A review of the plan is now underway, starting with a review of the natural hazards provisions.

Since the 2016 earthquake Council has been updating what we know about the natural hazards in Kaikōura. 

Council now has updated information on flooding, liquefaction, landslides and active faults in our district. This information is the starting point for drafting new rules within the Natural Hazards chapter of the District Plan.

Use the interactive map below to see how property and land may be affected by natural hazards or scroll down to read general information about plan update process

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Starting with Natural Hazards

Natural Hazard planning is undertaken by Councils to help protect people, property and infrastructure from a wide range of natural hazards (e.g. flooding, landslides, earthquakes, tsunami) as well as building stronger more resilient communities.

The natural hazards provisions are found in the Natural Hazards chapter of the plan, as well as in some other chapters such as Subdivision. 

Natural hazards provisions identify where it is development is or isn’t appropriate and what we should consider when developing in areas subject to natural hazard risk.

The natural hazards provisions (except coastal hazards) in the District Plan will be reviewed first because some areas of the district level of hazard risk changed following the 2016 earthquake events.     

Council is using the standard plan change process under the Resource Management Act (RMA) to review the natural hazards provisions. Specifically the RMA ‘Schedule 1’ process.

Research has been completed to help Council gain a better understanding of a number of Natural Hazard issues in the District. 


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24 July 2020