Long Term Plan 2021 -2031

Welcome to the Kaikōura District Council's Draft Long Term Plan 2021 - 2031

The consultation period for the 2021-31 Draft Long Term Plan commences on Friday 28 May 2021.

Please read the Consultation Document or you can download this lower resolution copy (PDF 14MB) - to be informed of the issues.
Supporting documents are listed below are from the draft LTP, are subject to consultation and submissions, and provide further detailed information should you require it.

Submissions on the Draft Long Term Plan must be received by 4pm, Monday 28 June 2021.

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To be able to make an informed choice on this submission form you will need to read the Long Term Plan Consultation Document (see links above) as the five priority proposals will be discussed in further detail. Whether you agree or disagree, or have different suggestions, we encourage you to let us know. Click on the link here to make a submission online, print off a hardcopy submission form here or you can drop into the Council offices for a form. Thank you for your input, your feedback will help the Mayor and Councillors make their final decisions.

Key Dates

Come along and talk to us, find out more....

Tuesday 8th June, 10am - 12pm
Come and talk to the Councillors in the Council Chambers, 96 West End.

Tuesday 8th June - 6pm
Memorial Hall, Supper Room

Thursday 10th June - 6pm
Goose Bay Fire Shed

Wednesday 16th June, 2pm - 4pm
Come and talk to the Councillors in the Council Chambers, 96 West End.

Wednesday 16th June - 6pm
Kēkerengū Community Hall


Supporting Documents

  1. Infrastructure Strategy
  2. Council Activities - including performance framework
  3. Strategies and Policies includes the Financial Strategy, Revenue & Financing Policy, Treasury Management Policies, Development Contributions Policy, Rates Remissions & Postponement Policy, and our Statement of Accounting Policies.
  4. Financial Statements - Forecast Revenue and Expenses, Financial Position, and Cashflows for the ten years of this LTP.
  5. Significant Forecasting Assumptions 

We are asking for your feedback on some key issues.

While the plan will not include every project, we have endeavoured to provide an overview of projects or issues that have a significant cost or have high community interest. As a Council we need to strike a balance between the needs and aspirations of our community, considering where we are currently at, and the ability to pay for the proposed services. Based on our understanding of our infrastructure assets and facilities, as well as taking on board what our community is telling us, we have identified a number of priority areas that we want to focus on.

  • Roads - the Council maintains 208kms of roads, half of which are sealed. Our analysis shows that we need to spend $4.997 million on road reseals and renewals to address a backlog - mostly in rural areas. This will ensure that our roads do not fall into disrepair, leading to even more costs.
  • FootpathsIncrease annual spend from $14,000 to $60,000. Plus a further $100,000 each year from 2022/23 till 2031 to upgrade footpaths. 
  • District Plan Review - a review of our District Plan is well overdue, we have already started a rolling review of the District Plan with the Natural Hazards Chapter - read more here. Residential, Business and Rural Zoning rules review commencing in 2021/22. Full review to be completed by 2030.
  • Urban Rubbish Collection - we are proposing to deliver a new fortnightly kerbside rubbish collection to urban residential properties.
  • Tourism and Business Support - maintain current funding to Destination Kaikōura. This will ensure that Kaikōura is well promoted and local operators and businesses are well supported, so when the borders do open they are ready to receive greater visitor numbers, ramp up operation and stimulate the economy across the district.


27 May 2021