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The siren you hear in Kaikoura is a fire siren for local volunteer firefighters. It is not an evacuation siren.


Upcoming Training/Events

Tourist Operators as First Responders Civil Defence Workshops

November dates: Tues 21st 1pm, Weds 22nd 6pm, Tues 28th 9am, Weds 29th 3pm

Where: All workshops will be held in the Function Room, 2nd Floor Civic Centre.

Civil Defence Training for any tourism related business operators, including new employees, new businesses or those wanting to refresh their Civil Defence skills. This course is also appropriate for anyone who works with the public in customer service or information providing roles.

We held this course just before the earthquake last year and have heard from those who came that it really helped on the night. Remember, in a disaster, tourists and visitors will expect you and your staff to know what to do and how to help them.

RSVP at 319 5026 ext 237 or email Kd Scattergood 


Three steps to get ready for a disaster: 

Emergencies and disasters can occur with little or no warning. Civil Defence starts with everyone getting prepared before anything happens - remember 'we are all Civil Defence'.  In the days and weeks after a disaster, Civil Defence means everyone helping themselves, their families and communities to respond and recover as best they can.

1. Make a plan - 'Prepared not scared' is our motto in the Kaikoura District. We live in a wild and beautiful place but this means we need to be able to take care of ourselves and our community in an emergency. We may be isolated for days or weeks. Do your part to help so that we can help those who can’t help themselves on the day. You can make a plan by:

2.  Know your Tsunami survival

3. Know where you'll be able to get information after a disaster 

In an emergency, the radio is your best source of information. Make sure you have a radio with fresh batteries or a self-generated power source (like a wind up radio)  that picks up these stations where you live.

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Natural Hazards in Canterbury

The table below identifies risks for the entire Canterbury area.  The biggest civil defence challenges for Kaikoura are circled.

Risk Matrix