Civil Defence

We are all Civil Defence.

Disasters by their very nature overwhelm individuals, families, community and society, emergency organisations and governments. So civil defence starts with every part of society doing what we can to prepare before a disaster and on the day and weeks that follow to help ourselves, our family and our community cope and recover the best we can.

Therefore, it is important that we all do our part to be prepared.

PREPARED NOT SCARED is our motto in the Kaikoura District.

Start with a family plan: OUR FAMILY PLAN PAGE

Do I need to evacuate in case of tsunami? Check the map- Kaikoura Tsunami Evacuation Maps and Tsunami Info

Just pop your address in to see if you need to evacuate in case of an emergency and where it is safe to drive or walk. The trick is to get out of the evacuation zone as fast and safe as possible. You may not be able to take your car.

This is also a good tool for family planning and knowing what your extended family is going to do so that you don't put yourselves in danger. Never go back into an evacuation zone. You may need to make arrangements with neighbors to make sure family members not living in your immediate area are evacuated. You will not have time to pick them up.

In an emergency, the radio is your best source of information. Make sure you have a radio with fresh batteries that picks up these stations where you live.

We live in a wild and beautiful place but this means we need to be responsible to take care of ourselves and community in an emergency. We may be isolated for weeks in an emergency. Do your part to help so that we can help those who can’t help themselves on the day.

Natural Hazards in Canterbury

The table below identifies risks for the entire Canterbury area. In terms of civil defence challenges for Kaikoura, the items circled pose the largest potential challenges for providing welfare to people and damage to infrastructure and property. Please be prepared to look after your family for 72 hours to a week.

If you would like to know more about Civil Defence in Kaikoura, or wish to enquire about volunteering, please contact KD Scattergood at Kaikoura District Council Please check our Facebook Page for community and civil defence events and other cool stuff.

For regional information click here:

Risk Matrix