Getting Ready for an Emergency

We live in a wild and beautiful place where emergencies and disasters can occur with little or no warning. If they do happen, Kaikōura may be isolated for days or weeks. This page contains a number of resources that can help you, your whānau, your friends and your neighbourhood prepare for an emergency.

Civil Defence is a network made up of you, your neighbours and your community. Supporting you are the local, regional and national Emergency Management Civil Defence staff, who in turn are supported by international aid if needed.

‘Prepared not scared' is our motto in the Kaikōura District. Residents are encouraged to take responsibility for their own safety and well-being and that of any visitors or guests. Read the simple 3 steps to having a plan below, and make sure you and your loved ones are well prepared if an emergency occurs.  This means we need our community to get ready now so that you can take care of yourselves and each other in an emergency. 

In the days and weeks following a disaster, your local neighbourhood will be the ones that you rely on the most, and will also rely on you. Do your part to help so that we can help those who can’t help themselves on the day. Start with the three steps below to help yourself prepare for an emergency.

3 Simple Steps to prepare for an emergency

What to do during an event

29 August 2018